Life University Announces The BIG Weekend

The BIG Weekend is a seminar devoted to helping the individual be their best, all day, every day. Life University offers all who attend an experience of a lifetime by utilizing experiential training techniques. Participants will learn how to turn possibilities into reality at The BIG Weekend.

Los Angeles, CA – September 12, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Being one’s best is the key to living the ultimate life. The BIG Weekend ( promises to be unlike any personal development seminar created before. The BIG Weekend promises that, over three days, participants will retrain the way they think and react to situations and break through any obstacles that hold them back from living their ultimate life. The first BIG Weekend will take place September 18 to 20 at The Renaissance Los Angeles LAX Airport Hotel, 9620 Airport Boulevard in Los Angeles.

“The BIG Weekend,” says Seymour Segnit, Founder and President of Life University (, creators of The BIG Weekend, “will be 3 days you will never forget. If you want more, and love fun, then The BIG Weekend is for you.”

The personal development industry has greatly evolved over the last two decades, yet recent entries lack the capability to offer much of its finest content to a broad audience. The advances in technology and expansion of global media in recent years have accelerated our ability to understand what it means to be a part of the human community.

Many people are starting to look beyond their own lives and to think about their own impact on the world. What is necessary to create a better world? The answer is to adopt a new way of thinking. Life University ( is the campus for personal growth, beyond the needs of the individual to expand the focus on the world and The BIG Weekend can be an entry to that world.

“This is no cookie-cutter approach to personal development,” says Segnit. “At The BIG Weekend you will focus on those areas in your life that need attention, identify your issues and address them on the spot.”

There are 4 key areas that need to be in alignment to live the ultimate life: Money & Business, Health & Vitality, Love & Relationships, and personal Power & Purpose. Participants can mastermind their development in all the key areas of life.

The seminar will include lessons and exercises on for a complete understanding of such topics as: The secrets to success in any business, 7 secrets to ultimate health, understanding masculine & feminine energy, and will teach participants how to master techniques to overcome any obstacle.

“This program is good for anybody who’s got anything in their past they’re unhappy about and anything in their future that they would like to have happen,” says Segnit “which basically means everybody.”

The BIG Weekend ( is only available through Life University. Visit The BIG Weekend or Life University.

About Life University:
Life University was founded in 2008 as the world’s open source education platform, an environment where students and faculty can access knowledge, ideas and expertise within a global campus. Based in the United States, the company can be reached on the web at The BIG Weekend or by phone at 888-543-3802.

The BIG Weekend – ©Life University

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