Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, Cap & Kudler, have settled a slip and fall case.

Las Vegas Attorneys Cap & Kudler represented a woman who fell in a Las Vegas hotel as she was leaving the bar and entering the lobby. The basis for the claim was insufficient lighting and a failure of the hotel to comply with handrail requirements as set forth in the Uniform Building Code.

Las Vegas, NV – (via )August 5, 2010 — Donald Kudler and Allen A. Cap formed Cap & Kudler in 2004 to represent victims of personal injury accidents. Amongst those clients are clients injured as a result of slip and fall accidents such as the woman who fell in a Las Vegas hotel as she was entering the lobby from the bar.

The Client had been out with friends and went to the hotel to spend some time. She had some alcohol while in the hotel’s bar and was walking down the two steps from the bar to the hotel when she fell injuring her wrist and ankle requiring several thousand dollars of treatment. After looking at the location and seeing pictures taken around the time of the accident, Allen A. Cap concluded that the hotel was at fault for the accident.

Allen A. Cap notes that “there were only a couple of candles to light each of the steps and the hand railing did not meet Uniform Building Code requirements since it did not extend the length of the steps and the space between the rails was too large. Our client would not have been the victim of a personal injury accident if the hotel had provided the proper lighting and handrails.”

The Client was treated by several doctors for the injuries including an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery and a podiatrist. She continues to experience pain in her ankle and has been advised that she will require surgery in the future that may resolve her pain.

“This, as all slip and fall accident injuries was a difficult case” says Donald Kudler ( ). Mr Kudler also stated that “as in all slip and fall cases, the hotel defended the case based on an alleged lack of knowledge of the dangerous condition and placing the blame on the victim of the personal injury accident. In this particular case, the hotel was taking the position that my client was at fault since she had been drinking. Our position was that, since this was the hotel’s bar where they served drinks at a profit, their duty to provide proper lighting and handrails for the safety of their patrons was, if anything, increased. “

The case, which began with the fall in 2006, a little more than four years later with the hotel paying the Plaintiff $75,000.00 to compensate her for the medical bills and pain and suffering caused by the accident. The client was pleased with the settlement and hops to be able to get the surgery on her foot now that she can afford to take the six weeks off required for her ankle to heal.

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