The Weight Loss Website from The NHS – Support and Advice for Those Wanting to Lose Weight

Weight loss tips, advice on improving fitness, how to start eating healthy and what to eat, and some handy assessment tools are just a few of the resources available from the NHS Choices website on weight loss.

London, England, UK – September 1, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — NHS Choices’ public education campaign on weight loss provides online help and resources to those wishing to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. The NHS website provides educational materials including articles, videos and tools aimed at advising on ideal weight, healthy diet and good fitness levels.

“While research shows that people may lose weight using a variety of approaches,” says Lyndel Costain, nutritionist and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, “there are common factors that lead to long-term weight loss. And they are all about achieving a healthy diet and active lifestyle in the long term, and not just short-term calorie counting.”

NHS Choices weight loss package ( ) offers advice on choosing a healthy diet, and help on how to eat that all-important five fruit and veg a day. The 10,000 steps challenge advises people how to fit a regular exercise regime into their daily routine, to help improve overall fitness and lose weight. Information is available on healthy food swaps and how to understand food labels so people can make healthier choices when shopping. There are Tools such as the Fitness Self-Assessment Test and the Healthy Weight Calculator to help people figure out more things they could be doing to improve their overall fitness level or work out their body mass index (BMI). They can also assess how healthy their diet is, and check to see if they are at risk of diabetes. Find out more and share the experiences of others by watching this video:

“Maintaining a healthy weight is a crucial part of overall good health. Keep your weight within the healthy range, and you’ll not only feel better: you’ll lower your risk of heart disease, stroke and certain cancers,” according to an NHS spokesperson. “When it comes to weight, even small improvements can work wonders for your health.”

About NHS Choices:
NHS Choices ( ) is the digital information service of the NHS – an NHS accredited website that gives ordinary people the tools to make better, more informed choices about their treatments, health and wellbeing. It includes more than 80,000 pages of content, including video, interactive tools, daily news service and lifestyle features. Users can also check and compare hospital and doctors’ profiles and performance on-line.

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