Announcing, a Comprehensive Online Directory that Provides the Most Honest and Comprehensive Reviews of Weight Loss Systems And Diet Pills Available Today

Announcing, a comprehensive online directory that provides the most honest and comprehensive reviews of weight loss systems and diet pills available today. Weight loss enthusiasts have teamed up to launch, a one-stop online weight loss information resource that strives to be the most objective and trustworthy source of information on today’s top weight loss and diet pill products.

Venice, FL – September 10, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Enthusiastic health and fitness researchers have teamed up to announce the unveiling of, a comprehensive weight loss information resource that provides accurate, objective reviews on the best diet pills and weight loss plans on the market today.

Over the last several years literally thousands of new diet products have hit the market. Usually these products are heralded with tremendous fanfare and very slick marketing. The commonality in all of these new products is that they “sell hope” to those dealing with the battle of bulge. All these new diet pills, capsules, books and supplements usually carry bold claims and promises. The problem is that the unsuspecting public are easily confused by the diversity of new herbal solutions promoted as the latest miracle breakthrough.

Consider the reality that a large percentage of these products contain dangerous and unapproved substances that often are huge health risks for those that consume them. With such a glut of contradictory information cluttering the media, how can a person who is genuinely interested in healthy weight loss find a weight loss pill or weight loss system that is right for them?

How can a consumer know whether a popular herbal ingredient found in one diet pill harbors any harmful side effects?

The need to address all of these issues led to the launch of a systematic authority on weight loss and diet pill market that strives to educate the public on healthy weight loss through objective reviews, videos and insightful articles written by professionals from multiple disciplines.

At the heart of is an incredible 1500+ weight loss reviews with new content added each and every day. The purpose of each article is to carefully scrutinize all the weight loss diet pills on the market today to locate the best weight loss solutions for your lifestyle. The community, along with a team of weight loss enthusiasts, grades each weight loss system or diet pill brand by several important factors such as effectiveness and honesty of claims, overall cost, quality of customer service, safety, and the presence of any guarantees or warranties.

But product reviews are not all that offers. Also available on the site is a large collection of expert articles — researched and written by fitness professionals and health industry veterans – designed to help individuals in their weight loss efforts.

These articles are written in an objective manner designed to cover the broad spectrum of weight loss issues and choosing healthy diets, ranging from how to target belly fat to recognizing the importance of proper nutrition.

Weight Loss is no easy task. The experts at understand that their goal is to simply help you reach your weight loss goals. The experts at understand that losing weight is often an emotional and difficult journey. The website strives to eliminate these concerns by empowering overweight users with practical and useful knowledge they need to shed the pounds.

Get the facts – visit and discover which weight loss product is best for you.

About was formed in 2009 as the premiere online resource for unbiased weight loss and fitness supplement news. Supported by dozens of experienced users, the portal makes it fast and easy for a first-time visitor to quickly find the types of products that best serve them in their weight loss and fitness needs.

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