How Smart Are You? "Be a Brainiac" Contest Seeks to Find Out – Top Performer Will Become the Idea Mascot for ThoughtOffice Corporation

ThoughtOffice is seeking a real “Thought Leader” through a unique contest: use our ThoughtOffice Software Suite in a unique way, and show us what you accomplished. The top 3 performers will receive paid projects, free software… and a chance to create Topic Modules and receive royalties. The top performer will become a high-profile mascot and co-anchor of’s ThoughtOffice blog.

Portland, OR – August 23, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Are you pretty smart? ThoughtOffice Corporation will put you to the test using a new creativity software solution… while gaining notoriety and extended exposure, as well as royalties. has just updated ThoughtOffice™, a combination free-form idea generator and strategic composer loaded with expert information. And now we’re looking for the best and brightest minds to create valuable, usable content for our many markets.

“We’ve been working on this program for many years, but the last 12 months coalesced it into a truly innovative program that is easy for anyone to use,” says Mark Alan Effinger, founder of ThoughtOffice. “Helping creatives unleash their ideas, and non-creatives increase their strategic thinking processes, were the goals at the center of our vision. Making it easy to use, so it didn’t encumber the natural creative process, was essential. These programs do just that. Now it’s time to put our resources where it really counts: finding great talent to show us ways of using these programs that we could never imagine. We hope some geniuses with both IQ and EQ are listening.”

“The Contest” referred to is ThoughtOffice’s “Content Contest“, a way for smart people to play with this breakthrough technology while creating their “work”… whether that’s developing ad copy, or designing the next hybrid auto or smart phone. The company intends to find and empower a new group of creative thinkers using this unique technology.

The ThoughtOffice program is provided as 3 integrated parts, all accessible through one interface. All three work together seamlessly to provide a simple user experience that gets out of the way of the creative process, facilitating lightning-fast thinking and processing those thoughts in immediately usable form.

ThoughtOffice™ IdeaBrowser is the free-form idea generator, taking your original thoughts and stretching them in a million different directions through words, concepts and images, all linked by associations. Web connectivity keeps the 9,721,000+ word and phrase reference growing, while the ever expanding keyword-searchable image library provides visual stimulus.

The ThoughtOffice™ Session Window is the composer for your ideas, taking your random stream of consciousness and effortlessly assembling it in a linear process to help catalyze and record your thoughts. ThoughtOffice™ makes the creative process much easier to understand, present and engage others who you might need to implement your ideas (or just to help you remember and expand on your initial concepts).

Finally, the ThoughtOffice Topics Browser is a system that allows you to pick some of the greatest minds in any of more than a dozen subjects, grabbing their “sound bites” and assembling them with your comments, web links and related images to expand your knowledge in minutes, using what may have taken these experts decades to learn.

The program’s final output lends itself to training, teaching, coaching and consulting in that it takes genius knowledge, interjects your creative content, and shares it with others via secure, encrypted Sessions; through print; and through a slideshow presenter. An integrated Time & Date Stamp helps you monitor your minutes at work, and time spent working with clients.

For those wanting to enter the ThoughtOffice Contest, we have created a free download and 15-day no-holds-barred test. Simply click the email link and tell us what you plan to do through the ThoughtOffice website link Free ThoughtOffice Downloads. Then come back and tell us how you used our software to develop your killer idea. The best response each week for the next year will receive their choice of an eXpertTopics Module, and a page on our site(s) promoting them and their creative work. The very best by October 30th, 2009 will also become co-author of our upcoming blog.

ThoughtOffice creativity software can be found at the ThoughtOffice web site, and for more information e-mail or call 360.450.6888.

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