Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Attract Millions of Users; Is Your Small Business Taking Advantage?

RGV Computer Consulting Inc., a Miami based marketing consulting company taps into the power of YouTube, Facebook, Google Local Listings and others in order to dramatically increase the revenues of its small business clients… all the while it remains accessible & down to earth.

Miami, FL – June 20, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — In today’s day and age the average business person wouldn’t be shocked or surprised to call up a vendor and get a recording or even the “run around” from one of its business partners. But, that’s not the way things run at RGV Computer Consulting.

This small, high-tech consulting company in the marketing field specializes in meeting the needs of small businesses in its local Miami marketplace, and it does so with a small business touch which it feels is essential to its success.

When you call RGV, your phone call will be answered by a human being, not a recording, and won’t get the proverbial “run around”.

Owner, Rolando Valdes, says that this will always be the way he does business, no matter how big his company may grow to be. It’s critical to his business, he says, that his clients (small business owners) get very personalized service. If they don’t, they’ll go someplace else.

And that’s most likely true, because small business owners especially don’t like feeling like a number, and they often need a lot more hand holding than a larger, faceless corporation. That’s just the way of the world, always has been.

In addition to friendly, personalized customer service, RGV sees itself as distinct in its marketplace in that it is a full service marketing company, creating marketing materials, as well as consulting and implementing online marketing techniques. Rolando, doesn’t see anybody else in Miami that’s doing business quite like his firm does.

Another key to his company’s success is that they promise to custom tailor a technology-driven marketing plan for each one of its clients, individually. It’s a lot more work, but to this company, in the end, a satisfied customer is much more important than working late into a warm Miami evening.

About RGV Computer Consulting:
RGV Computer Consulting Inc. was incorporated on 10/18/04 in the state of Florida. It is a small, boutique firm with five full time employees. Its core businesses are small business marketing (http://rgvcomputerconsulting.com) consulting, computer repair, computer networking, graphic design, video marketing (http://rgvcomputerconsulting.com/services/video-marketing/), and copy writing (http://rgvcomputerconsulting.com/services/copywriting/).

The company prides itself on being incredibly accessible to its clients and tailoring marketing solutions to fit the customer, no matter what it takes to get the job done.

Contact: Rolando Valdes
RGV Computer Consulting, Inc.
6800 SW 40th Street No.273
Miami, FL 33155
Tel. 786-399-6729
Email: admin@rgvconsulting.com


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