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For centuries scientists have been trying to disprove astrology and rightly so.

Mumbai, India – June 18, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Mr Rakesh Singhal of LifeScape Astrology started learning vedic and western astrology 30 years ago and found so many contradictions and loopholes which were not acceptable to his scientific bent of mind that he vowed that he will never touch astrology again.

Years later, he thought, if phenomenon is common, then there has to be common signature in charts indicating that phenomenon and then only astrology can be believed.

In 2010, he achieved success and he defined lifescape astrology system.

Accident signature was first shown by them on astrodatabank collection in jan,2010. Recently they argued, that in case of aircrash victims also same signature which sees only two planets sun and Uranus along with interamnia and sedna has to be present.

Mr Singhal himself was surprised that even without taking time of birth this signature is present in 80% of victims for whom data could be collected.

Poland aircrash study is at this link:

Mangalore aircrash study is at this link:

Now they are confident that a small software in airlines computers can stop aircrash for ever. This portion of theory pertaining to accidents has been clearly published on website.

Some other topics, like health and married life has also been published by them.

Mr Jayant V Narlikar had posed a challenge to astrologers, to show the difference between bright and dull students. This study has been published at this link which has been related with venus:

In western and vedic astrology, venus is related with wife but in LifeScape Astrology, Venus represents mind.

With a good theory, no doubt, they are doing wonders in helping people. In Manchester, One person sufering from OCD was pursuaded by Mr Singhal to wear gemstones prescribed by him. This person never believed in gemstones but now same person has reported relief in his problem and expressed his surprise.

When we asked Mr Singhal, why he is not publishing theory regarding busines and profession, he said that same will be published in due course of time. Let scientists and skeptics test the published theory and then they will disclose balance theory.

Mr Singhal expects that in next few years, conventional astrology would be replaced by LifeScape Astrology which shall also be treated as science.


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