Looking for Better Relationships, Learn From Sonia Choquette, Best-Selling Author Of Love Yourself

Today’s stress-filled life contributes to the speedy decline of many relationships. People flock to spiritual guides who help them get their lives back under control.

San Francisco, CA – June 17, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Today’s stress-filled life contributes to the speedy decline of many relationships. People flock to spiritual guides who help them get their lives back under control. People find great solace listening to motivational talks of intuitive guides who act as a catalyst to activate higher vibrations and bring out the essential person in them.

As we are aware, ego is one of the major culprits that rears its ugly head ever so often to restrict us in our positive endeavours. The role of a spiritual guide is to free your spirit in such a manner that you are able to break free from the restrictions caused by your ego and fear. Once these shackles are broken, there is no stopping you from reaching your goal of absolute bliss and everlasting joy and happiness.

Spiritual guides like Sonia Choquette are blessed with the special gift of infusing vitality and spiritual essence into the lives of those she comes across. You just have to listen to Sonia speak to experience personal empowerment and wholeness in every aspect of your life. Her intuitive ability and oratory skills offer great solace, insight and benefits to some of the prominent New Age leaders and business leaders.

Sonia Choquette has authored a variety of interesting best sellers including The Answer is Simple… Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit. You can find information on Sonia’s works at http://www.soniachoquette.com/. Sonia Choquette’s popular book The Wise Child was discussed at the University of Atlanta sponsored Conference on Children’s Spirituality held at Atlanta. Sonia has the intrinsic power to liberate people from their limitations with her powerful, dynamic and passionate approach. After attending her webinars and seminars, you can be sure you will benefit.

Sonia is gifted with highly intuitive and developed skills, which help her identify obstacles in other people’s lives. This enables her to skilfully guide them and put them on the road to success and goal achievement. Many people come to her saying I want to change my life, and Sonia makes sure their lives are literally transformed for the better. If you want to benefit from the intuitive guidance offered by Sonia and transform your life for the better, all you have to do is to sign up for Dream U Camp free webinar being held on June 21st and 26th at http://www.dreamucamp.com

The Dream Camp free all-star lineup at http://www.dreamucamp.com includes: Jack Canfield – The Success Principles, Les Brown – Live Your Dreams, David Bach – #1 NY Times Best Selling author, Lynne Twist – The Soul of Money, Janet Attwood – The Passion Test, Marci Shimoff – Happy for No Reason and The Secret, Lynne McTaggart – The Intention Experiment, Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief , Mary Morrissey – Building Your Field of Dreams, John Gray – Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, Sandra Yancey – CEO, eWomenNetwork, CNN Hero, Er, in Saxton – CEO, Newswire, Michael Gelb – How to Think Like Leonardo and Innovate like Edison, Cynthia Kersey – Unstoppable, Unstoppable Foundation building schools in Africa, Sonia Choquette – The Answer, Creating Your Heart’s Desire, Arielle Ford – Soul Mate Secrets, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, Mike Dooley – Infinite Possibilities, Notes from the Universe, Tim Kelley – True Purpose, Zen DeBrucke – Smart Soul, Scott Martineau – CEO, consciousone.com, The Power of One, Ridgely Goldsborough – The Great Ones, Nik Halik – Founder, The Thrillionaires, Greg Reid – Three Feet from Gold, Dan Green – How to Finish Strong, Raj Bhavsar-Gymnastic Olympic Medal Winner Beijing Olympics, Marilyn King – 2 Olympian, Alex Mandossian- Maximize Your Performance to Increase Productivity, Chris Grumm- Creating a Million Dollar Movement, Eric Lochtefeld- Find the Career of Your Dreams, Kenneth D. Foster- Fire Up Your Brilliance.

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