Olympic Medal Winner Raj Bhavsar to Speak at DreamuCamp.com

Ever wonder what it would be like to be an athlete for your career? Beijing Olympic medal winner Raj Bhavsar will speak at a free webinar, Dream U Camp on June 21st to the 26th.

Houston, TX – June 17, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Ever wonder what it would be like to be an athlete for your career? Beijing Olympic medal winner Raj Bhavsar will speak at a free webinar, Dream U Camp on June 21st to the 26th.

In a classic ‘underdog beats rival’ story, Raj Bhavsar plays the protagonist and the event which sees him victorious turns out to be the 2008 Beijing Games. Although the gymnast has tasted success in his career, his journey has been bittersweet. He has fallen and risen, like the phoenix and is at the seminar to tell his story. Registering at http://www.dreamucamp.com can help you get tips, tricks and suggestions from the man who has meticulously practiced gymnastics for over 18 years. Raj is the son of Joe and Sue Bhavsar and currently resides in Columbia, OH. He doubles up as a public speaker when not practicing for his next event and helps people realize their dreams.

A firm believer in hard work, Raj refuses to accept destiny as a part of his life plan. He measures his success by the hard work he puts into his practices. He looks at his failures as a way to learn valuable lessons and as a way to achieve more success. At 29, he inspires those around him to put 100% towards whatever they do and follow their dreams, while never shifting focus from their ultimate target. A tour of http://www.rajbhavsar.com will help you understand his life and goals and also help you get in touch with him.

Dream U Camp is bringing Raj and other leaders from across various industries to speak to you at a teleseminar during June 21st through 26th. This seminar comes to you at no cost and in turn gives you more than you hoped for. With 30 speakers and millions of attendees, this seminar hopes to be a revolution in which the world communicates. It comes to you at the convenience of your home and tells you exactly what you need to hear to make your life better. It teaches you how to change your life effectively. Whether you see yourself struggling with your career, love life or depression it promises to bring you a remedy which is proven to work.

Of course, you cannot expect results without making efforts, thus, you must work hard to reap the benefits. You can start now by registering for the teleseminar for free and listening to 30 leaders. Take the leap here and wait for your life to transform into a journey which that will be help you achieve your dreams.

The Dream Camp free all-star lineup at http://www.dreamucamp.com includes: Jack Canfield – The Success Principles, Les Brown – Live Your Dreams, David Bach – #1 NY Times Best Selling author, Lynne Twist – The Soul of Money, Janet Attwood – The Passion Test, Marci Shimoff – Happy for No Reason and The Secret, Lynne McTaggart – The Intention Experiment, Bruce Lipton – Biology of Belief , Mary Morrissey – Building Your Field of Dreams, John Gray – Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus, Sandra Yancey – CEO, eWomenNetwork, CNN Hero, Er, in Saxton – CEO, Newswire, Michael Gelb – How to Think Like Leonardo and Innovate like Edison, Cynthia Kersey – Unstoppable, Unstoppable Foundation building schools in Africa, Sonia Choquette – The Answer, Creating Your Heart’s Desire, Arielle Ford – Soul Mate Secrets, Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul, Mike Dooley – Infinite Possibilities, Notes from the Universe, Tim Kelley – True Purpose, Zen DeBrucke – Smart Soul, Scott Martineau – CEO, consciousone.com, The Power of One, Ridgely Goldsborough – The Great Ones, Nik Halik – Founder, The Thrillionaires, Greg Reid – Three Feet from Gold, Dan Green – How to Finish Strong, Raj Bhavsar-Gymnastic Olympic Medal Winner Beijing Olympics, Marilyn King – 2 Olympian, Alex Mandossian- Maximize Your Performance to Increase Productivity, Chris Grumm- Creating a Million Dollar Movement, Eric Lochtefeld- Find the Career of Your Dreams, Kenneth D. Foster- Fire Up Your Brilliance.

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