Halfway To Concord Reports Contra Costa LAFCO Members Violated Agency Rules and Possibly California Brown Act in Public Support of Measure F in Brentwood, CA

Helen Allen and Rob Schroeder publicly pushed for support of Measure F annexation of land outside of voter-approved Urban Limit Line, while identifying themselves as LAFCO commissioners instead of as interested private parties, pretending to speak for LAFCO as it had duly approved support for the measure defeated by residents at the polls.

San Francisco, CA – June 16, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Helen Allen and Rob Schroeder, who violated the Local Agency Formation Commission’s (LAFCO) rules (below) and probable violation of California’s Brown Act, in their very public support of the measure.

Allen and Schroeder, in a letter published in the Brentwood Press of May 6, 2010, argued in favor of Measure F, which would annex land outside the voter-approved urban limit line. In the letter they clearly claimed authority as LAFCO members – and not simply interested private parties – pretending that their position was the duly approved position of LAFCO, and that LAFCO officially supported the Measure.

What’s worse, Allen, a Concord Council member and resident of Sacramento, stood up at a recent Mayor’s Conference meeting and treated her colleagues to her signature clownish browbeating for the Measure while the leaders of 19 Contra Costa Cities did not challenge her publicly overstepping her legal authority to do so.

Luckily, Ron Brown of Save Mt Diablo stood up to challenge Allen’s flagrant violations while the County’s milquetoast electeds looked on dumbstruck.

What a chowder society. And you thought it was just politicians in D.C. that acted like unaccountable, all-powerful twits on the take from special interests. Well, where do you think they get their training?

See Brown’s subsequent letter outlining Allen and Schroeder’s gross pretensions and misrepresentations, including their letter and another from LAFCO Commissioner Dwight Meadows. http://www.halfwaytoconcord.com/lafco-members-violate-rules-brown-act-to-back-measure-f/

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