HTC Wildfire Tops The Podium In Terms Of Functionality, Price And Being An Android Smartphone

In the world of android phones, HTC wildfire is really spreading like a wildfire because of its great functionality and the very attractive price tag

London, England, UK – June 14, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Android phones don’t need an introduction. It seems that the word “Android” itself has something to do with being a center of attraction. Or is it the fact that Google became the king of the android world? Well, we could say that it is nothing but the great user friendliness of the operating system that made Android very popular. For some people, they wanted to get rid of the regular symbian, java and windows platforms and here it is, the android super hero.

However, there are only a few successful android phones in the market, and most of the successful ones are out of reach for most of the people with android dreams. This is where HTC wildfire defies the fact and proves that great products with great features and usability will not always come with heavy price tags. According to a reviewer Clare Hopping, “The HTC Wildfire is designed for those who want a Smartphone but can’t afford more expensive devices such as the Legend or Desire”

Now with enough Android phones to compare, we have our winner here, which is undoubtedly the HTC Wildfire racing past others in terms of great ergonomics, loaded features and attractive price. When it comes to the functionally, you have everything you need (perhaps more than what you need) in an Android Smartphone.

Though the pricing of the HTC Wildfire phones are by itself cheap, there are mobile phone ( deals where this Smartphone can be bought for even cheaper prices. Best deals on Android Smartphone are very hard to find, but they really do exist. There are several types of htc wildfire deals available online if Android Smartphone lovers can graze through the Internet.

With such great htc wildfire deals, the users of this SMART Smartphone are peeking. All these users have only positive reviews on this Android phone and that pushes the HTC wildfire to the top of the podium as well.

According to cnet reviews, “HTC hasn’t forgotten consumers on tight budgets who also want an Android phone. The first example of that was the HTC Tattoo. Now, the company has announced an improved version, the Wildfire.”

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