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Website Builder WebEden today announced that it had enrolled onto the Facebook Open Graph program.

London, England, UK – June 11, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — WebEden today announced that it had enrolled onto the Facebook Open Graph program. This allows visitors to to say that they ‘like’ WebEden by clicking on a Facebook ‘like’ button on homepage. Once clicked, this button adds a status update in Facebook for that user to say that they like It also adds that users’ ‘Face’ onto the homepage

The Facebook Open graph program is Facebook’s attempt to socialise the web, by publishing information about the websites that each user likes to visit. It allows website owners to promote their site by appearing in the status update for each user who ‘likes’ them.

Ken Builder, the UK MD of WebEden ( ) said: “We’ve got thousands of customers who know how to make a website, and we’re constantly encouraging them to use their social networks to promote their site. We allow users to post updates directly from their site to both Facebook and Twitter, and we allow them to add members directly from each social network. With our HTML widget we even make it easy to publish a Twitter profile on our customer’s websites. By adding a Facebook ‘like’ button onto our site we’re practicing what we preach.’

Since going live WebEden has already gained sever hundred ‘likes’ and hundreds of friends on Facebook, underlining the value of the change.

About WebEden

Webeden is an independently run, London based, web software company. The company’s maverick and refreshing approach gives it outstanding presence in the burgeoning market for website design tools. Through its online site building tool SiteMaker, Webeden is making it easy for everyone, no matter what their experience, to build a website. Over 2,000,000 have already tried and succeeded.

For more information:
Ken Builder
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