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The Blog shares cruising experiences, tips, industry knowledge, advice and special cruising deals with its readers.

Bellevue, WA – June 9, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — The Cruising Blog is a relatively new Blog on the topic of cruise and cruising. The portal is basically a cruising enthusiast’s place to come and share their views about this memorable experience.

The Blog describes how cruising is better than the routine road trips or other kind of vacations. There are occasional tips and advice on how to travel securely, things to do and not do while on board. In addition to this, one can get first hand information about the upcoming cruising carnivals and special themed cruises. Having had the experience of traveling on different cruise lines, the authors have lots of industry knowledge and cruising delights to share. Reading about unique experience and joys of cruising will encourage those who have never been on board.

“The Blog is meant to be a place to share our experiences and passion of cruising. However, it’d be great if it turns into a community that shares the same passion. It seems to be heading in the right direction” Says Dena Franke, one of the writers at CruiseCruising.net. The website may also feature guest posts contributed by other cruising enthusiasts in future.

All in all, CruiseCruising.net is all set to set new benchmarks for the online cruising resources. The readers are not limited to cruising enthusiasts though; there are quite a large number of readers who’ve never been on a cruise. One of the readers commented, “I’ve never been on a cruise before, spending some time reading about the wonderful experience of cruising, I am thinking of planning my next vacations on some cruise traveling on Caribbean waters”.

The Blog will also introduce special deals and discount packages coming from different cruise lines in near future. Another section is in the pipelines, having first hand accounts and reviews of different cruise voyages.

For more information: http://www.cruisecruising.net

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