Cheap, Clean Hydrogen Fuel from Water – Just Became a Reality

According to ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES CZ a.s., based on its breakthrough research, hydrogen fuel can be generated from water 790% cheaper than the cost of gasoline or diesel in the US, and 1400% cheaper than in the Czech Republic, and anything between in other countries.

Prague, Czech Republic – June 8, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — Energy Technologies CZ a.s., a small private R&D company, has found success in their revolutionary technological improvements, “a better way to generate the cheapest hydrogen fuel yet,” says Karel Pesel, spokesmen for Energy Technologies CZ a.s.

As simple and straight-forward as electrolysis of water is, this method of hydrogen production has been considered expensive, burdened by the high cost of electricity, as well as by technical issues of storage and transportation. “We have made it possible consistently to produce this cheapest hydrogen fuel ever, at less than USD 0.50 per kilogram” (the amount equivalent to the energy content of one gallon of gasoline), says Pesel.

Water happens to be one of the most abundant natural resources that this planet has to offer; over 70% of our globe is covered with it, and no drilling or discovery is necessary. Using the Energy Technologies CZ process (, clean hydrogen fuel can be produced on demand without the need for storage or transportation.

With small modifications to existing fuel systems, hydrogen fuel can be used anywhere fossil fuels are used, including producing our electricity and running our cars, trucks, trains, boats, and planes. The only raw materials needed to produce this fuel are water and electricity that many may already have in their homes around the world.

Along with technological improvements, the company has focused on using the energy contained in the hydrogen fuel more resourcefully. By combining a next-gen electrolyzer with Stirling engine technology to build an ImPSâ„¢ (Independent micro Power Stationâ„¢), this fully automated system is small enough for home or small business use and can produce 3 kW and up to 50 kW of electricity 24/7 and will recover a heat energy to provide all the heat and hot water that most homes will be ever able to use.

Additionally, this ImPSâ„¢ system is capable of producing more electricity than most homes will need, and most homeowners will be able to sell the surplus electricity to the power grid. The system will not only help to pay for itself, but the homeowner energy use may be essentially free.

With the push for energy efficient, “green” transportation, such as plug-in electric cars, the transportation industry is particularly interested in hydrogen fuel technology. Mr. Pesel said, “These electric cars will now be able to run much cheaper by electricity produced in your home by your own power station. In cars or trucks with build-in hydrogen fuel generators, it will be even cheaper since the car alternator is producing electricity as you drive and cost of electricity is close to zero—no more trips to the gas station. One liter of water can power your car to ride some 100 miles, and coming out of the tail pipe will be steam of pure water rather than pollutants.”

The widespread use of Energy Technology’s new hydrogen fuel ( system should initiate many global environmental and economic benefits. Imagine a world that doesn’t have to rely on crude oil reserves. Imagine every home producing all its energy needs and powering its vehicles; the concept of independence in energy self-reliance enjoyed only by few countries may now be realized by all and will have a far reaching impact on everything we do.

Energy Technologies CZ a.s. is incorporated in the Czech Republic and will be sharing the technology through licensing, ventures, and IPO’s around the world to better reflect our new role and new direction. More information on this innovative technology click this link

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