Home Performance by Hammer and Hand – Portland Remodeler Launches Home Energy Services

Home energy services by Hammer and Hand uncover the hidden causes of poor energy efficiency, poor indoor air quality, and thermal discomfort in clients’ homes. The firm offers the technical knowledge, consulting smarts and remodeling expertise to enable clients to optimize home performance.

Portland, OR – May 21, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — As home dwellers, we often overlook home energy efficiency and health because they involve systems that we do not see: ductwork, furnaces, and the inner workings of the building envelope. But the performance of these hidden systems is as important as eye-catching floors and cabinetry in creating livable home environments. With 15 years’ experience building and remodeling fine homes, Hammer & Hand has distinguished itself as a fervent creator of beautiful living spaces in Portland. Now the firm brings its passion and expertise to home energy services through Home Performance by Hammer & Hand.

“Homes should be as healthy as they are beautiful,” says Daniel Thomas, co-founder and co-owner of Hammer & Hand. “We’ve always seen ourselves as stewards of our clients’ home environments. Now, with Home Performance by Hammer & Hand, we have the diagnostic tools to make homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and safe. And our skilled career carpenters will personally do the performance improvement work with the same flawless execution that Hammer & Hand is renowned for.”

While today’s basic home building techniques have not changed for decades and even centuries, our understanding of building science has only blossomed in the past twenty years. The industry’s new technical knowledge comes at an opportune time, with momentum growing across the country to create a greener built environment through weatherization programs, residential energy efficiency upgrades, and incentives to support home energy retrofits.

Having closely tracked developments in building and diagnostic technology, Hammer & Hand knows that real, science-based improvements in building and home performance are now possible. By launching Home Performance by Hammer & Hand ( http://hammerandhand.com/home-energy-services ) and offering assessments certified by the Building Performance Institute, the firm seizes on this new opportunity to share its technical expertise with homeowners and put its environmental values into practice.

“Our Home Performance Assessment evaluates your house and its building components as an integrated system,” says Jacob Chavez, Building Analyst at Hammer & Hand. “Based on this analysis we generate a menu of improvement options that equips homeowners to make informed decisions about optimizing home performance. And because most of these performance improvements qualify for generous incentive programs, they can quickly pay for themselves.”

Home Performance by Hammer & Hand ( http://www.hammerandhand.com ) includes the following suite of home energy services:

* Home Performance Assessment – a BPI-certified analysis of the home’s building components and systems, including powerful computer modeling.

* Report of Improvement Options – a full report of the home’s level of energy efficiency, safety and health, accompanied by a menu of improvement options with comparisons of savings and time-to-payback.

* Performance Improvements and Incentive Coordination – cost-effective performance improvements to the home; coordination with agencies and paperwork to ensure that client receives every possible incentive.

“We see Home Performance by Hammer & Hand as a win-win-win for your home, your pocketbook, and the environment,” says Thomas. “It’s a natural outgrowth of our passion for leading-edge, environmentally responsible building and our zeal for serving our clients.”

For more information about home energy services or to sign up for Home Performance by Hammer & Hand, visit http://hammerandhand.com/home-energy-services or call Jacob Chavez at 503-232-2447.

About Hammer & Hand:
Since 1995, Hammer & Hand has established a solid reputation by helping the people of Portland, Oregon, live better in their homes and businesses. Our historically accurate restorations, state-of-the-art remodels, home energy services and environmentally responsible building practices maintain the aesthetic of eras past while creating the living spaces of the future. http://www.hammerandhand.com

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