NewKinetix "Bumps" Up Performance in RÄ“ V1.1 Software Release

NewKinetix today announced an update to the RÄ“ App, the first full-featured activity based IR remote for the iPhone with built-in upgradable IR database support for nearly all AV devices. The V1.1 update includes more device brands listed in the database, Bump integration, settings and IR performance updates, and customizable backgrounds and skins.

Portland, OR – May 19th, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — NewKinetix LLC, of Portland Oregon, hasn’t rested since the successful launch of the IR universal remote control in March, which sparked Ali Heriyanto, co-editor of the online tech and gadgets boutique,, to say “Compared to other iPhone remote control devices we tested recently, the RÄ“ came in heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of ease of use and functionality.” Reviewers and the rapidly growing user community have given high marks to their use of the RÄ“ on their iPhone, iPod touch or new iPad.

The developers, focused on usability, have been gathering user feedback and today announced the release of the first software update to their RÄ“ Universal Remote control app, just 2 months following the worldwide release. The RÄ“ iPhone plug-in Accessory and RÄ“ Universal Remote Control App already combine to build the most capable and portable iPhone and iPod touch universal remote available. With V1.1 software ( ), RÄ“ users can expect an even more user-friendly experience when controlling their AV devices. Here is what they added:

* Transfer part or all of your personalized RÄ“ setup from one iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to another through the popular data transfer program “Bump”, which is incorporated into the RÄ“ App.

* More brands have been added to the already extensive IR database list.

* Additional remote editing features and view customization.

* Includes compatibility with Sony PS3 using the Schmartz wireless Infra-red adapter.

* Auto-dimming can now be enabled in settings, with automatic activation based upon movement.

* App specific timer that can control when the iPhone or iPod goes to sleep. V1.1 also offers vibrate on/off and volume control for button click specifically within the RÄ“ app.

A major differentiating feature of using a RÄ“ is the customizable Activity Remote interface that can control entire activities within one meta-remote, such as “Watch TV, “Play a CD”, or “Watch a Movie”. With an unlimited number of activities that can be programmed and an unlimited number of devices that can be controlled, the clever folks at NewKinetix have included customizable skin colors you can assign to devices and activities to easily distinguish between them. You can personalize your RÄ“ with selected background images as well.

NewKinetix developers have set themselves apart from competitors by delving into the intricacies of the technological aspects of the IR transmission codes, giving the RÄ“ significantly enhanced performance. For instance, not all devices respond to the same IR signal timing. The RÄ“ compensates for the varied IR signal demands by integrating device specific IR timing control. The addition of these controls is invisible to the typical user, but the fact that they exist provides confidence that the RÄ“ can handle demanding applications.

For more information on the RÄ“, you can check out the RÄ“ website ( ), or download and see the features of the RÄ“ Universal Remote Control App free from the App Store ( ).

About Newkinetix
Newkinetix is a team of highly skilled design engineers, who have been working together for the past two decades providing easy to use hardware and software solutions to solve complex problems. Their focus has always been to approach design with a complete systems perspective, focusing on ease of use and interactivity. NewKinetix, LLC was formed to develop innovative products that allow people to get more enjoyment and value from their personal electronics devices.

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