FonGenie, a First-of-its-Kind Voice 2.0 Service for SMBs Turn Telephone Calls from Customers into Profit

Announces 30-Day Magic-Lamp Sales Challenge to Help Small Business Owners Turbo Charge Sales in 30 days

Mountain View, CA – May 17, 2010 (PressReleasePivot) — FonGenie, a cloud computing service that provides retailers and small businesses a combination of business intelligence and a virtual telephone platform to help business owners up-sell products and services to callers while gaining insights on customer calling behaviors before answering the telephone, today announced that it has emerged from private beta after several months of end-user testing.

Business owners and managers can sign-up and configure FonGenie for their retail and small business within minutes without requiring additional equipments or services.

In conjunction with the launch, FonGenie ( is providing an incentive for all retailers and small business owners to take their “Magic-Lamp Sales Challenge.” By using FonGenie’s proprietary Sales Optimization Calculator, business owners will see how much sales and revenue will increase in 30-days if they use the FonGenie service.

“I am so confident that FonGenie can make a difference to a small business’ bottom line that I’m putting my money where my mouth is,” said James Im, founder and CEO, FonGenie. “Just try FonGenie for 30 days – it is simple to setup and easy to use – and you’ll realize its benefits immediately from increased sales to cost savings. If it doesn’t, I’ll reimburse them for their time.”

At the heart of the FonGenie service is the ability for business owners to customize how telephone calls are answered to boost sales and profits, via an easy to use web interface to manage greetings and menus heard by callers with timely and relevant daily specials or offers, incentives and discounts. In fact, according to FonGenie’s data captured and analyzed by Vincent Mudrak, VP, Operations and his team at FonGenie, up to 35 percent of callers introduced to daily specials when calling a business have accepted an offer. For many businesses currently utilizing FonGenie, this has resulted in sales increases of over 25%.

In addition, Caller ID 2.0 included with FonGenie provides real-time business intelligence and analytics on all incoming calls, such as who is calling, where they are calling from, their reason for the call, what menus have been listened to and engaged, their specific call history and behavior – all before your phone actually rings.

A user-friendly Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool has also been integrated into the FonGenie platform to allow custom tagging, appointment management and note taking to profile callers and identify important customers when they call again.

“By targeting incoming calls and allowing businesses to maximize those sales more effectively, FonGenie is creating efficiencies that have up-to-now been difficult to realize. Creating new revenue opportunities from a simple telephone call, all without much more effort from the business owner, is at the heart of FonGenie.” Im added,

“We are slowly rebounding from the worst economic season in recent memory. We understand today, more than ever, that each customer and transaction is important to your business. This is why we created FonGenie – because each and every call is important.”

FonGenie strengthens customer relationships and loyalty while optimizing business outcomes by proactively identifying the caller’s need and engaging the customer with personalized responses, and synchronized brand, offers, message and interactions across voice, web and mobile to drive revenue growth, increasing customer’s willingness to purchase and also containing costs.”

To learn more about the FonGenie Magic-Lamp Sales Optimization Challenge or starting a free trial of FonGenie service to turbo-sales your sales in 30 days, please visit or contact us at 650-200-4400

About FonGenie
FonGenie improves on traditional communications technology to provide a radically enhanced real-time business intelligence tool that alters the way retail and small business owners communicate with their customers. FonGenie is headquartered in Mountain View, California and is led by a veteran team of passionate and experienced entrepreneurs with more than 27 patents to their credit (9 approved and 18 pending).

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