National Poetry Month Sale on ThoughtOffice Corporation’s Creative Writing Suite, ThoughtOffice Muse, Extended Through May, 2010

National Poetry Month has ended, but creative writing goes on, all 12 months of the year. Recognizing the need for poets and authors to have the best possible writing tools, ThoughtOffice Corporation has extended its National Poetry Month sale beyond April, to continue through the month of May, 2010.

Vancouver, WA – May 5, 2010 (via — National Poetry Month is over for 2010, but creative writing goes on, all 12 months of the year. And any poet or author will tell you, it’s important to have good tools for writing. In recognition of that need, ThoughtOffice Corporation has chosen to extend the Poetry Month sale on its creative writing suite, ThoughtOffice Muse.

“We’ve had a very positive response to the promotion,” said ThoughtOffice Product Specialist David Lockman ( ). “For several years now, ThoughtOffice Muse has been a valued tool for writers and poets all over the world. We’re pleased by its reception in the creative community, and we wanted to give a little bit back, especially during such trying times. So, we’ve decided to extend the sale for another month, through the end of May.”

Creative writers often rely upon tools to help open up their minds to new ideas. Sometimes the techniques can be as simple as a long walk in the park, a peek at the thesaurus, or something as complex as computer software specifically tailored for writing.

One such program is ThoughtOffice Muse, which is currently being used by successful writers all over the world. In support of National Poetry Month, ( ) ThoughtOffice Corporation is offering its creative writing software at a special 25% discount. The sale price has been extended through May 31st, 2010.

“We’ve designed the ThoughtOffice Muse program suite especially for creative writers,” said Lockman. “The software provides expert guidance in the form of questions and prompts that help writers get to where they want to go, and integrates associative thinking tools that connect seamlessly to the Internet.” The program includes plugin modules which help authors to develop characters and plots, plan story lines, create convincing narrative, and much more.

ThoughtOffice Muse ( ) is available for immediate download for only $95, through the end of May, 2010. The program suite includes the canned expertise of successful writers and poets, providing guidance and structure to the writing process. The software can also be expanded at any time by adding more plugin modules from the company’s selection of 16 modules, ranging from advertising and marketing to product development and screenwriting.

“Poets and creative writers world-wide are using ThoughtOffice Muse to craft some of the most entertaining and original stories we’ve ever seen. And we’re very excited – and honored – to be a part of it,” said ThoughtOffice’s Lockman.

Academic users and students should contact the company at to inquire about an academic discount on ThoughtOffice Muse, and all ThoughtOffice products.

About ThoughtOffice:
ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Washington based technology firm focused on innovation and business process development. Since 1986, the company founders have successfully founded and sold nearly a dozen companies, from advertising to laser display technology, software to Internet e-commerce. The development team interviewed over 800 business and innovation leaders, and apprenticed with Marsh Fisher, co-founder of Century 21 Real Estate and founder of IdeaFisher, one of the first and most popular brainstorming software programs. The final solution, ThoughtOffice, takes brainstorming and innovation out of the lab and makes it practical for daily use for business process development, advertising creatives, coaches and CEOs. ThoughtOffice Corporation can be reached at 360-450-6888, by e-mail at or

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