Tips for Creating a College or University Internship Program for Your Business or Nonprofit Organization

Small businesses and nonprofit organizations looking to create a college or university internship program can get help in a new video and an accompanying tip sheet from motivational speaker and allergy cookbook author, Lisa A. Lundy, which you can download free from her website.
Buffalo, N.Y. (Vocus/PRWEB ) August 7, 2009 — In 2007, nearly 70 percent of interns received job offers from their internship employer up from 57 percent in 2001 according to a survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Almost 75% of all college students have had internships or some type of professional work experience before they graduate according to expert Phil Gardner, director of Michigan State’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute, who started following such trends 25 years ago.

Students with one internship have a 60% better chance of finding a full time job after college compared to a student with no internship experience. With each additional internship, students better their chances of landing a full time job out of college compared to students with no internship experience capping with 3 internships and 100% chance of landing a full time placement after graduation. Businesses and nonprofits considering starting an internship program will find tips from motivational speaker and author Lisa A. Lundy, which you can download free from her website Ms. Lundy created an internship program for Penn State students majoring in communications in the fall of 2008.

“Employers need to realize that internships are critical to students learning experiences. The student can get all the in-classroom experience and learning that they want, but only hands-on experience in the field can truly prepare them for what they will come across in the working world,” says Colette Rodger, Manager of Internships in the College of Communications at The Pennsylvania State University. “It is almost imperative that students reach for multiple internships while in college. Not only will this help them learn, but helps the student really know if this is the career that they want to follow and potentially, it could lead to a job.” Ms. Rodger advises companies and organizations where Penn State students intern to have back up projects and things for the students to do and not menial tasks.

As a new college graduate, Jenna Drew knows something about internships having down two her senior year. “My internship gave me confidence in myself and my abilities; it supplemented the knowledge I gained in the classroom. The support from my supervisor encouraged me to grow both professionally and personally. During job interviews, I had an experience to talk about other than school. In fact, I had hard evidence to take with me – a media kit I worked on which is the backbone of any public relations campaign,” said Drew who graduated from Penn State in May.

Jenna Drew also knows how gluten can make some people sick. She is actively promoting celiac disease awareness, a cause that she will be promoting when she is in the Miss Pennsylvania International Pageant next year. She has even set up a facebook fan page under the name of “Miss Indiana International 2010: Jenna Drew”, which the public can join if they are members of facebook or they can visit Jenna’s Blog.

Lundy is offering the video and tip sheet because she had so many questions from nonprofit organizations and small business owners on how she created the Penn State internship program. Lundy is the author of The Super Allergy Girlâ„¢ Allergy & Celiac Cookbook – From A Mother Who Knowsâ„¢, a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, peanut free, tree nut free and other allergen free cookbook that provides 100 pages of essential information up front in an easy to read format and over 225 delicious recipes that taste great. Lundy hopes that in offering the video and tip sheet it will encourage other businesses and nonprofit organizations to create their own college or university internship program. Questions on creating an internship program can be directed to Lundy through her website or blog at

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