A Secret City Beneath the Indian Ocean: Nonprofit Movement Challenges History Books in New Documentary Film, Dwarka: Atlantis of the East

The Ancient Explorers Movement have announced a free online screening of their debut documentary film, Dwarka: Atlantis of The East. The film aims to educate the public on the truth behind the ancient Indian city of Dwarka, and why this site may force historians to reconsider certain long-held assumptions about early civilizations and technology.

“It’s astonishing that nobody has told this story yet, because what we found on a recent expedition to modern-day Dwarka was unprecedented,” says Amish Shah, Founder of The Ancient Explorers. “We tracked down evasive government officials, learned of abruptly disbanded excavation teams, and even found strange ancient artifacts washed up on the shores of Dwarka that seem to poke large holes in our existing historical timelines and assumptions about ancient technology.”

In the ancient Sanskrit text known as the Mahabharata, Dwarka was a majestic kingdom built by the enigmatic figure Krishna. This kingdom was then devoured by the sea, after a brutal war said to have killed over 4 million soldiers in just two days. Multiple modern-day excavation missions have consistently unearthed artifacts from Dwarka’s sea bed, which appeared to corroborate these historical accounts, until all digs were halted in 2000.

A short trailer for the film, Dwarka: Atlantis of the East, can be found on YouTube, along with a link to sign up for the movie’s May 1st premiere: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pquok7SdrKU

The Ancient Explorers are a movement founded in 2013, with the purpose of exploring historical hotspots across the globe which may reveal untold secrets regarding the ancient origins of mankind. In just 6 months, their online community has grown to over 130,000 members worldwide.

The public is invited to the world premiere online screening of Dwarka: Atlantis of the East on May 1st, 2014. To tune in for free, RSVP now at http://AncientExplorers.com/screening/.

About The Ancient Explorers Movement:
The Ancient Explorers Movement is an organization dedicated to exploring significant ancient locations, with the aim of spreading knowledge. They also believe in contributing to the places they visit. Ancient Explorers plan to build libraries and schools in areas that are in need, and to include educational grants for children who otherwise would not have access to obtain higher learning. They believe that creating a cycle of education for these children allows Ancient Explorers to tangibly invest in the future of the world. For more information on the Ancient Explorers Movement, please visit: http://AncientExplorers.com/

To RSVP for the world premiere of Dwarka: Atlantis of the East, visit: http://AncientExplorers.com/screening/

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