Writers SuperCenter Wires Writers Right with ThoughtOffice Creative Writing Software

ThoughtOffice Corporation, the makers of the eponymous creativity and brainstorming software, ThoughtOffice, has announced a partnership with Writers SuperCenter. The joint venture was developed to provide creative writing software to customers of Writers SuperCenter, and to help provide additional input and direction to ThoughtOffice’s next generation offering. This new partnership adds to the already impressive lineup of software for writers offered by Writers SuperCenter.

“We’re very happy to announce this new partnership with Writers SuperCenter,” said David Lockman, product specialist for ThoughtOffice Corporation. “These guys have been providing writing software to creative professionals since just about the beginning of time, and when they approached us to add ThoughtOffice to their catalog, we were delighted. They’re an impressive bunch of folks to be working with.”

ThoughtOffice, the successor program to the legendary IdeaFisher brainstorming software, was originally developed to assist communications professionals, by allowing them to expand their thought processes both laterally and in depth. Similarly, Writers SuperCenter was founded specifically to support writers world-wide with the best software available, from a host of vendors.

Irwin Berent of Writers SuperCenter originally contacted ThoughtOffice with the idea of carrying ThoughtOffice’s creative writing software on his site. The software company eagerly jumped at the chance to work with such a well-regarded online retailer as Writers SuperCenter. It’s turned out to be a great match. Writers SuperCenter is known to writers the world around, and ThoughtOffice software is increasingly becoming the “secret weapon” of choice for writers who really want to expand their creativity.

“I’m excited to finally be working with the folks at ThoughtOffice,” says Berent, CEO and owner of Writers SuperCenter. “They have a well-made product, they’ve been very easy to work with, and are very responsive to my customers. We’re looking forward to the coming year, and are expecting this collaboration to be very good for both companies, and for our customers!”

Writers SuperCenter now offers several ThoughtOffice products designed to specifically meet the needs of writers and professional communicators. Novelists will find ThoughtOffice Muse, the creative writing package that’s also geared towards corporate executives and speakers, and ThoughtOffice PR Pro, which is designed for public relations professionals in any industry. Customers can order the software for immediate download (or via snail mail on CD) through Writers SuperCenter, with the assurance that comes with ordering from an established online retailer, coupled with the excellent customer support offered by ThoughtOffice Corporation. The software includes online training videos, support and training documents, and a one-year upgrade/sidegrade guarantee. Writers SuperCenter is also bundling ThoughtOffice creativity software in special Combination Deals, which can be found online at http://www.writersupercenter.com/order.htm

“Irwin’s phenomenal to work with,” ThoughtOffice CEO Mark Alan Effinger noted. “He’s an early adopter – a believer – in the power of software to partner with ‘wetware’: the writer’s brain. He’s brought us truly talented customers. And he’s given us interesting product ideas that we’re planning to explore.” Effinger added cryptically, “More on that later!”

About Writers SuperCenter:
Unlike any other store on the Internet, the Writers SuperCenter is the only store that buys writer’s software on a massive scale, offering its customers the lowest possible prices. All products are the most up-to-date versions, fully warranted by their manufacturers, and supported by the company’s 24 x 7 tech support staff. Writers SuperCenter is a family-owned enterprise, located in Norfolk, VA. Since 1996, the company has been offering the best software for writers through its online store at http://www.writersupercenter.com/ For more information, contact the Writers SuperCenter via their web site, or by phone at 1-800-589-1022.

The company also publishes the online magazine Hampton Roads Times, promoting businesses in the Southeastern Virginia metropolitan area, “America’s First Region.” More information is available at http://www.HamptonRoadsTimes.com/

About ThoughtOffice Corporation:
ThoughtOffice, based in Vancouver, WA, develops and markets tools that empower individuals and organizations to create valuable ideas and improve productivity by enhancing innovation. Founded in 1998, the company produces writing, brainstorming and creativity software, and its sister company, RichContent, provides PR & business services to technology startups and fast-growth companies. The WebNutrients division approaches innovation and creativity via “WetWare” – thought-enhancing nutritional supplements. The company’s web site can be found at http://www.ThoughtRod.com. ThoughtOffice can be reached by phone at 360-450-6888 or e-mail to info@thoughtoffice.com.

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