The Hard Money Lenders Bible has announced the release of the book “How to Get More Money Than You Can Ever Handle”, plus a CD by Ryan G. Wright, absolutely free. Wright is the owner of this website that offers hard money loans secured by real estate.

The book recounts Wright’s success story, tracing his life from a broke 21-year old kid to a real estate entrepreneur buying, rehabilitating, and selling real estate with no money, no experience, and no credit. Wright’s real estate expertise has led to the establishment of, an online money lender specializing in real estate-backed loans.

“How to Get More Money Than You Can Ever Handle” maps out how Wright became successful by flipping homes in the U.S. In the book, Wright shares his secrets with people who would like to get started in the real estate business. He talks about effective offer strategies to ensure a good deal on a home. He will teach readers how to renegotiate with banks to bring down the value of a foreclosed property down to $10,000.

Wright presents a home rehabilitation strategy that will turn a non-Federal Housing Authority home into an eligible FHA home to increase the number of qualified buyers. Finally he imparts tips on how to close housing deals in seven to 10 days, when it usually takes 90 days, as well as tips on how to evaluate the value of a property.

The book looks to be a great how-to guide on getting started in the house flipping industry where Wright made his millions, which he used to put up – one of the many hard money lenders in the industry today. The book is offered for free with absolutely no strings attached. There is also an audio book version that is in CD format that comes with it. To obtain the book, one has to visit and click a link where they can request the book and the CD.

Hard money lenders are an option for people wanting to purchase real estate through financing. Hard money lenders offer short-term hard money loans or bridge loans that are funded based on the value of property used as collateral for the loan.

These lenders tend to charge a higher interest rate than banks as they operate outside of bank rules and standards. Hard money providers will offer a range of requisites to the borrower based on the type of real estate, the loan-to-value percentage and the loan size.

About Do Hard Money: offers hard money loans to investors who fix and resell real estate. Operating in Colorado and Utah, and many other states, the company can lend hard money to fund 100% of purchase without demanding any down or monthly payments. can be contacted by phone at 800-284-0076, by e-mail at, or via their web site,

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