Rabbit Hole Hay Knows the Importance of Location for Growing Farm Fresh Hay for Rabbits

Rabbit Hole Hay is an online company that sells farm fresh alfalfa hay and timothy hay for rabbits and other small animals. Rabbit Hole Hay is able to offer a nutritious, quality product because the company is located near an ideal environment for growing hay.

“We like to say the hay we sell is nursed to perfection by the sweet kiss of the Pacific Ocean and the tender care of our farmers,” said Chief Executive Officer Michael K. Redman. “We are able to provide our customers some of the best hay around because it’s grown in our own backyard.”

The timothy hay and alfalfa hay for rabbits is grown in a valley location that is bounded by the Pacific Ocean on one side, and lush forests and mountain ranges on the other. This area provides prime conditions for hay crops, because it offers cool night temperatures, limited rainfall, and low humidity. During the day, the alfalfa hay and timothy hay take in energy from the sun and fertile soil, which is turned into growth at night. This causes the hay to become more nutrient-rich per inch of growth than in warmer climates.

It’s important that the location where the alfalfa hay and timothy hay is grown is a drier environment with low humidity and minimal rain to prevent the hay from molding. It also allows the hay to keep its natural green color.

“We value that we live in a place where the hay for rabbits we sell is grown in our own backyard,” Redman said. “It allows us the opportunity to be sure the alfalfa hay and timothy hay we’re selling is grown in an ideal environment, stored for freshness, packed with care, and ready to be sent to our customers and enjoyed by their small pet.” ( http://www.rabbitholehay.com/about-us/ )

Visit Rabbit Hole Hay online to learn more about alfalfa hay and timothy hay for rabbits at http://www.rabbitholehay.com/types-of-hay-for-rabbits/

To place an order for farm fresh hay for rabbits and other small animals visit the company’s web site at http://www.rabbitholehay.com/1st-cut-timothy-rabbit-hay/ .

About Rabbit Hole Hay
Rabbit Hole Hay is an online company located in Chico, CA that specializes in selling quality, farm fresh hay for rabbits and other small animals to provide an affordable, nutritious option for small pet owners. Located in one of the best hay regions in the world, RabbitHoleHay.com has access to local hay farmers who produce alfalfa hay and timothy hay in the mountain valleys of Northern California and Southern Oregon. Contact the company at support@RabbitHoleHay.com, or visit their web site at http://www.RabbitHoleHay.com

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