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Italian dishes are synonymous with the American palette. Kids often grow up being connoisseurs of Italian foods like spaghetti and pizza which opens the door to other Italian culinary delights.

Everyone’s heard of popular Italian dishes such as cannelloni, tortellini, gnocchi, fusilli, ravioli, lasagna, carbonara, pesto, and pasta primavera. The preparation of these dishes is now being done by world class chefs in Chicago who have mastered the art of cooking with ingredients such as pasta, cheese, and tomatoes, as well as chicken, seafood, and Italian sausage.

Italian restaurants have long been common in the greater Chicago area, so there’s no problem finding one. The real problem is – which Italian restaurant to choose? For example, who has the best prices? Who specializes in certain types of dishes? And which place is the closest? How can fans of Italian food find this information, quickly and reliably? The new web site is designed specifically to answer those questions and more.

“Chicago has thousands and thousands of restaurants,” says Ricco Petrucci, owner of “We are passionate about Italian food. Every month we feature one top Chicago Italian Restaurant based upon their exceptional menu, ambience and presentation. We have been thrilled by the feedback we have received from online fans of Italian food in the greater Chicago area.”

Fans of Italian Restaurants in Chicago can see a short video, featuring sights of Chicago, and delicious Italian food, online at:

About Chicago Italian Restaurants:
With a passion for everything related to vegan cuisine and dining, is rapidly becoming the place to go online, to find the best Italian Restaurants in Chicago. Featuring full menus, with prices, for Chicago’s finest Italian restaurants, is also a great place for people to leave comments about their dining experiences. To find out more, visit

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