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Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products. Over the past few years Vegan Restaurants have been growing very quickly to service this growing trend. Some of the top athletes in certain endurance sports such as the Ironman competition practice veganism.

Common vegan dishes include falafel, hummus, veggie burritos, veggie stir-fry, and pasta primavera. The preparation of these dishes is now being done by world class chefs who have mastered the art of working with ingredients such as tofu, tempeh, and seitan.

With vegan restaurants becoming ever more common in the greater Chicago area, the problem is no longer whether a hungry vegan can find a nice restaurant. The problem is now which vegan restaurant to choose. For example, who has the best prices? Who specializes in certain types of ethnic-style vegan dishes? And which place is the closest? How can vegans find this information, quickly and reliably? The new web site is designed specifically to answer those questions and more.

“We are huge fans of Vegan Cuisine,” says Andres Reservus, owner of “You have to taste great Vegan dishes to understand why this is the hottest trend in dining. Every month we feature one exciting menu and vegan restaurant in Chicago. We are thrilled by the feedback we have been receiving from our health conscious visitors.”

Fans of Vegan Restaurants in Chicago can view a short video, featuring sights of Chicago, and delicious vegan food, online at:

About Vegan Restaurants Chicago:
With a passion for everything related to vegan cuisine and dining, is rapidly becoming the place to go online, to find the best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago. Featuring full menus, with prices, for Chicago’s finest vegan restaurants, is also a great place for people to leave comments about their dining experiences. To find out more, visit

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