Will Motivational Posters of President Barack Obama Help an Ailing Presidential Re-election Bid?

Motivational Posters have been used for decades to create a positive atmosphere and a “can do” culture in corporations. With the Presidential race upon us and in a dead heat against Republican Mitt Romney, will Barack Obama Motivational Posters inspire and ignite the masses, reminding audiences of the President’s ascendancy to office in 2008?

The US Presidential Race is in a virtual dead heat. Poll after poll show President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are deadlocked in a very close race for President.

Many say that “politics is a contact sport”, and that you need an awfully thick skin to be a successful politician. In 2008, then-Senator Barack Obama electrified audiences and the nation with his positive speeches, which focused on getting the job done in spite of whatever obstacles were present. Now, four years later with a lackluster economy, over 8% unemployment, and a spiraling national debt, we are hearing very little inspiration from the campaign.

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“The rhetoric has turned negative and divisive,” says Harald Anderson, Manager for ArtInspires.com, an online retailer of motivational merchandise.

“Our take on this is simple,” says Anderson. “People love a winner. They love individuals who walk the walk and talk the talk. People love authenticity. People love a can-do attitude. And most importantly, people do not respond well to excuses for lack of performance.”

“Four years ago, we could not keep the Barack Obama Motivational Posters in stock. Voters perceived that he was a winner and a problem solver. Quite honestly, we were expecting the sequel to ‘Yes We Can’ in the Democratic Presidential campaign to be ‘Yes We Are’ or ‘Yes We Will’. Instead what we have gotten is attacks on success, class warfare and excuses.”

Will memories of the infamous “Yes We Can” speech which inspired and motivated the masses rekindle a Democratic Presidential campaign in dire need of an inspirational spark or catalyst?

A brief section of President Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipIl6qJKQlo

“As a retailer,” says Anderson, “I can tell you that people respond to vision, optimism and determination. Those are traits that we are seeing from the Republican campaign. Specifically, we are getting a ton of interest from our customers for Paul Ryan Motivational Posters! Today, Paul Ryan’s message is resonating with consumers who desperately want solutions.”

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