Cool Off with The Hignell Companies Heating and Air Home Maintenance Service

The Hignell Companies provides timely service for home heating and air systems when customers need it most. Existing customers and potential customers are advised to practice effective home maintenance by having heating and air systems serviced by the expert technicians at The Hignell Companies.

“During the hot summer months, HVAC systems work extra hard to keep homes cool and comfortable,” explains a Hignell Expert Technician. “Without proper maintenance, HVAC systems can fail. At The Hignell Companies, we know this makes life miserable, so we do all we can to offer the quickest service without sacrificing quality.”

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, (or HVAC) are the three primary functions of a system. HVAC controls air temperature and humidity, and maintains the quality of air in the building. A complete HVAC system tune-up can help prevent costly breakdowns and increase the longevity of heating and air systems.

The Hignell Companies can service existing heating and air systems or install an entirely new HVAC unit. In either case, when The Hignell Companies performs heating and air home maintenance service, it offers its clients regular communication, satisfaction, understanding of the scope of the project, and clear estimates.

The Hignell Companies heating and air technicians are certified, trustworthy and knowledgeable. The Hignell Companies employs more than 150 qualified home maintenance personnel, and instills in them a sense of integrity and customer service, which is passed on to clients.

“The Hignell Companies prides itself on providing top of the line customer service,” said Phil Larios, CEO of The Hignell Companies. “We know that central heating and air are two of the most important functions in your home. That’s why our experts also provide education about which HVAC product or service will suit your needs best and keep your family as comfortable as possible.”

Contact The Hignell Companies to request a quote for home maintenance services or schedule an HVAC tune-up by calling 530-592-0941 or online at

About The Hignell Companies:
The Hignell Companies is a family-owned company that has offered home maintenance services and property management for over 60 years. It presently employs more than 150 people who represent the firm in the fields of residential and commercial property management and Community Association Management. The Hignell Companies offers home maintenance services that include painting, electrical, heating and air, plumbing and cleaning. The Hignell Companies is committed to the highest standards of excellence and service, and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

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