NewView Writing Concept Highlighted in New E-book and Software from NewView Options, Helping Writers to Write Better

The College Board says there’s a crisis in teaching writing to high school students. NewView Options offers its new book and its new software to help students write better than ever before.

Provo, UT – December 31, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — The College Board says there’s a crisis in teaching writing to high school students. To help combat this crisis, the NewView Options company announces the release today of its breakthrough book on writing, The Secret DNA of Writing Essays – And Everything Else. The company has also announced the release of computer software to complement the book, NewView Essay Services, designed to automate parts of the NewView e-book. The book and software work together to help students write better than ever before.

Bill Drew, CEO of NewView Options, says, “Yes, I realize that’s a pretty audacious title on the book. But, as the saying goes, ‘It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it.’ And the book does ‘do it’ pretty well, with lots of notes at the back, providing historical and theoretical support for every assertion made in the book. But more importantly, the underlying writing principle of NewView really works with everything, and the book has plenty of examples to support each assertion.”

Drew owns up to the fact that he, himself, wrote the book. He said it’s based on research he did for his Master’s Thesis, NewView: A New Invention Method for the Essay (1982, Brigham Young University). It’s also based on Drew’s thirty years of experience, using its principles and rules to become an award-winning technical writer and editor.

If the NewView Principle of writing is so great, why did it take so long to get it into book form? “Well,” Drew says, “we’ve been raising eight kids, and that takes a lot of time, energy, and finances. I finally found the time and finances in the last year and a half to write Secret DNA. It’s been exhausting, but also rejuvenating, really.”

Drew claims that one high school teacher has been quite happily using his NewView principles to teach writing for over twenty-five years (since just after Drew finished his thesis).  A local elementary school teacher is also using it with his students, with good results. The company offers a number of testimonials on their website, at

“There are some student testimonials, there, too,” says Drew, “as well as some from professional writers and college-level teachers. NewView makes writing easier because it actually requires students to cope forthrightly with ‘What’s new to the reader’ with a simple but powerful process that nobody else has access to, but everyone can learn, even just using the book. The software makes it more convenient to use when you’re writing something.”

Drew’s e-book, The Secret DNA of Writing Essays – And Everything Else, is available now online at for $8.50. It is also expected to be available for download through starting January 1, 2010. The companion software, NewView Essay Services, which automates part of the book, is available at on a subscription basis for 3-, 6-, and 12-month terms ($10.50, $15.50, $20.50).

About NewView Options:
Founded in 2007, NewView Options is a Provo, UT, firm specializing in the teaching and training of writing, for both beginners and the more advanced. The company is focused on promoting its propriety NewView approach to writing, communications, and teaching. NewView Options provides Education Discount rates for school districts. Call 1-801-373-0447, visit, or e-mail

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