North Rim CrossFit Announces Opening as Chico’s Newest CrossFit Gym

North Rim CrossFit announces its opening as the newest CrossFit gym in Chico, California. North Rim Cross Fit Chico is dedicated to providing the best CrossFit training and technology for individuals to reach their fitness goals. North Rim CrossFit Chico offers traditional CrossFit workouts.

“People wonder why CrossFit can be so hard and push you to the point of exhaustion,” said North Rim CrossFit owner Ryan Hignell, whose CrossFit training blog can be found at “But intensity and comfort do not go hand in hand. I challenge people to find that line between intensity and discomfort and challenge it every day.”

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to help anyone who wants to optimize their physical competence. North Rim CrossFit Chico follows the CrossFit method of encouraging effort in the areas of diet, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weight lifting and throwing, and sport.

Participants at North Rim CrossFit Chico have access to daily workouts, customized to their fitness level and personal fitness goals. CrossFit training is the same for each person, but the weight and intensity varies according to skill level. Daily Workouts of the Day or WODs are posted on the North Rim CrossFit Chico blog.

According to the CrossFit Journal, gyms that are CrossFit Affiliates are “part of a charter agreement that offers the affiliate owners the opportunity to earn a professional wage while running their own business and supporting the greater community… and CrossFit is fully committed to supporting each and every affiliate.”

A North Rim CrossFit Chico gym membership includes unlimited CrossFit classes and access to the gym whenever it is open. Members are encouraged to attend a regular class a minimum of three days a week. Classes are held Monday through Friday at 6 a.m., noon, 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. and Saturday at 10 a.m. Pricing for a monthly membership at North Rim CrossFit Chico is $125 per person, family membership is $100 per family member, and military, emergency services and student memberships are $100 per month.

At North Rim CrossFit Chico every person is seen as an athlete, because being healthy is synonymous with being an athlete. North Rim CrossFit Chico invites anyone who is interested to come down to tour the gym and meet the owner and trainers. The first class at North Rim CrossFit Chico is free.

About North Rim Cross Fit Chico:
North Rim CrossFit Chico is committed to the total health of every person that comes through the doors and believes in the CrossFit way for anyone that desires a higher level of fitness in their life. Whether someone considers themselves a committed athlete or is just ready to be healthy again, North Rim CrossFit Chico is dedicated to bringing the best training and technology to reach individual fitness goals. Contact North Rim Cross Fit Chico online at for more information or call 530-487-4374.

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