Summer Promotion for Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Offered at Beauchamp Foot and Nail Laser Clinic, London

Beauchamp Foot and Nail Laser Clinic helps patients struggling with toenail fungus by offering a fast, safe, and effective toenail fungus laser treatment. Those suffering from toenail fungus can take advantage of the summer promotion of £100 off toenail fungus laser treatment, offered until 30 September, by scheduling an appointment for a free consultation.

“There are a number of conditions that look similar to toenail fungus,” explains Fiona Patterson, a podiatrist at Beauchamp Foot and Nail Laser Clinic. “We don’t charge for the initial consultation at Beauchamp Foot and Nail Laser Clinic because we want to be sure we are providing a correct diagnosis first, which can usually be done at the first visit.”

Toenail fungus is a common fungal infection that can often be painful, caused by pathogens that enter the skin through tiny cuts or separations between the nail and nail bed. The affected nails appear thickened and turn a yellow, light brown or cloudy color. The surrounding area can also become red and swollen. Beauchamp Foot and Nail Laser Center offers a toenail fungus laser treatment that is fast, doesn’t usually require a need for analgesia and doesn’t harm the nail or surrounding skin.

The toenail fungus laser treatment works by shining a laser light beam through the toenail and vaporizing the pathogens causing the infection. The toenail fungus treatment usually consists of two 60 minute sessions about four to six months apart. Improvement is seen as the toenail begins to grow out, and depends on the severity of the patient’s toenail fungus.

“Even my doctor was amazed at the improvement in my toenails,” said S.R., a patient at Beauchamp Foot and Nail Laser Clinic. “Laser was my last resort after living with toenail fungus for years.”

Through 30 September, Beauchamp Foot and Nail Laser Clinic offers a free consultation on how to relieve unsightly toenail fungus using the toenail fungus laser treatment procedure. Patients are encouraged to ask about the summer promotion of £100 off the toenail fungus laser treatment. The clinic can be contacted by phone on 0800 907 0093 or by visiting

About Beauchamp Foot Care
Beauchamp Foot Care is a clinic of four experienced, dedicated foot specialists with an emphasis on podiatry and chiropody that was founded in 1990. The clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment to treat clients for a variety of conditions related to fungal nail infections and general chiropody. Beauchamp Foot Care is located in central London close to Harrods. The clinic’s podiatrists/chiropodists are members of The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and registered with the Health Professions Council. The podiatrists have over 20 years of qualified experience in all aspects of podiatric care. For more information visit:

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