IdeaFisher Business Software Offers Full Suite of Powerful Business Management Tools

IdeaFisher provides business management tools for Startups and MBAs by asking 1000s of expertly targeted questions. Provides creative support with a unique 8 million-element association engine and a 3,000,000+ image database. 250 man-years in development, with input from some of the world’s most highly-degreed and well-known talent. Now this powerful business companion lives on in the form of ThoughtOffice.

Portland, OR – December 16, 2009 (via — Business Process development and management are hot topics right now. A number of software solutions have been developed to meet the current demands of helping business improve their bottom line by improving their business processes. ThoughtOffice Business Software meets this demand effectively and elegantly.

According to Mark Alan Effinger, founder and CEO of ThoughtOffice, “The brainstorming software products offered by ThoughtOffice Corporation are specifically designed to support both startups and established firms by applying 16 separate and extremely focused question & answer modules (containing a total of thousands of questions), coupled with a 9 million+ word and phrase reference system. The system has been proven to reach into a user’s long-term memory, helping them solve problems faster and more naturally. This technology, with its clean, straightforward approach, is proving remarkably valuable to the new breed of business people who are expected to have a working knowledge of many different disciplines”.

ThoughtOffice Business Software works by asking the business person hundreds of questions on various topics related to key areas of business. ( ) A complete bundle of software containing all modules is currently available as ThoughtOffice CEO. The modules cover all major components of business including developing effective business plans, developing and implementing an effective advertising an marketing campaign, PR, product development, conflict resolution, business strategies, and more. Each module contains anywhere from 300 to over 2000 key questions that guide the user from the foundational basics to more in-depth processes. By starting with an intelligent framework of questions prior to tackling the problem at hand, CEOs, MBAs and managers are able to drill-down to solutions much faster, and spend more time refining solutions and implementing effective business processes.

“The second part of the ThoughtOffice program is where you really create the answers,” says David Lockman, Product Specialist for ThoughtOffice. “Having access to over 9 million elements in the Associative Word and Phrase search engine allows you to delve deeply into the mind to resolve issues, and develop radically distinctive responses. General Motors, NASA, 3M, Xerox, Mattel, Chiat/Day, IBM and Apple Computer all use our program to resolve their business process challenges creatively. We have users at every Ivy League university, and we’ve received very exciting reports of CEOs and grad students learning the process of creative thinking faster and better than ever before. If it works for them, then it can positively help others in need of effective solutions to their problems.” ( )

ThoughtOffice CEO Business Software works by providing an organizer in which to collect images, ideas, concepts, and questions. Content can be added directly on the page, or pulled in from one of two additional palettes: the Topics Browser and the IdeaBrowser.  The Topics Browser is loaded with modules that you either purchase separately or as a bundle which are packaged to meet your specific business needs.  These modules contain anywhere from 300 to 2500 questions each.  By simply adding just 10 to 20 thought-provoking focused questions from one of the 16 topic modules ( ), you can easily drill down on a problem to find effective solutions, or come up with new creative ideas.   Brand it.  Then share it with your colleagues or clients. The second palette is the IdeaBrowser that provides access to over 9.8 million words, images, lyrics, definitions, synonyms, quotes, associations, rhyming words, etc. These elements are placed into a Queue, then added into the main ThoughtOffice interface.

ThoughtOffice business software packages begin at $97 for the entry-level suite, with one module, to $497 for the ThoughtOffice CEO executive suite, equipped with all 16 available expert modules.

About ThoughtOffice Corporation:
ThoughtOffice, based in Vancouver, WA, develops and markets tools that empower individuals and organizations to create rich content and improve productivity by enhancing creativity. Founded in 2006, the company produces writing, brainstorming and creativity software, and its sister company, RichContent, provides PR & business services to technology startups and fast-growth companies. The company’s web site can be found at or can be reached by phone at 360-450-6888 or e-mail to

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