New Company Rabbit Hole Hay Specializes in Online Sales of Farm Fresh Hay for Rabbits and Other Small Animals

Rabbit Hole Hay is a new company offering online shopping for some of the best farm-fresh alfalfa hay and timothy hay for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals. Rabbit Hole Hay provides small pet owners with access to nutritious, great-tasting hay – delivered straight to the customer’s front door, saving time otherwise spent traveling to and from the pet store.

“We were just minding our own business when the idea to sell great quality hay for rabbits online just jumped out in front of us. It was crazy!” CEO Michael K. Redman explained. “We never saw it coming, and then we realized it was GENIUS! We discovered that small pet owners needed more options to buy affordable alfalfa hay and timothy hay for rabbits online and it needed to be amazingly good quality. So we thought, ‘why not get some of the best hay in the world from our own backyard and help our local farmers at the same time?'” is a new online store which specializes in selling specific hay types ideal for quality rabbit food, as well as an educational resource about hay for rabbits. The company’s web site explains that alfalfa hay and timothy hay are the best types of hay to use for rabbit food. Alfalfa hay is ideal for young rabbits aged three weeks to seven months, because it is high in fiber, protein and calcium needed for proper growth. Timothy hay is best for adult rabbits, aged seven months and older. It has fewer calories than alfalfa hay and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

According to Redman, most people can’t believe there are enough pet rabbits to even support this new business, but says they obviously aren’t aware of how many passionate rabbit owners there are, as well as owners of guinea pigs and chinchillas. New and current customers are encouraged to visit to find an easy, informational, and even entertaining site where they can learn about each type of hay for rabbits, tips for rabbit care, and healthy nutrition for rabbits. The ordering process is simple and quick. The alfalfa hay and timothy hay is sold in one, five, 10 and 20 pound increments, is securely packaged in a cardboard box, and shipped directly to the customer.

“Everyone is surprised when they hear we’ve started selling hay on the Internet,” Redman said. “They ask me what we’re up to these days and I tell them, ‘we’re selling the best hay in the world to pet owners online’ and their eyes get huge, like they just saw a talking rabbit dive down a rabbit hole. Since we have some of the best hay in the world right in our back yard it seems like a perfect fit. Plus I’ve always loved hay rides.”

Rabbit Hole Hay is located in Chico, CA and specializes in selling quality, farm fresh hay for rabbits and other small animals online to provide an affordable, nutritious option for small pet owners. Located in one of the best hay regions in the world, has access to local hay farmers who produce alfalfa hay and timothy hay in the mountain valleys of Northern California and Oregon. Contact the company at, or visit their web site at

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