Pool Safety Fences Now Available in Designer Colors to Complement Any Pool Environment

Pool owners spend lots of money on landscaping, pool accessories, and the adjacent deck area, to make their pools look good. However, many available safety barriers detract from the elegance and beauty of the pool installation. Now, there is a colorful alternative that is attractive and blends easily into most environments.

Van Nuys, CA – November 22, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Pool owners spend a lot of money on landscaping, pool accessories, and the surrounding deck area, to make their pools look good. However, many of the available safety barriers detract from the elegance and beauty of the surrounding environment.

Advanced pool fence materials such as double-coated, marine-grade aluminum supports and tear-resistant, color-matched nylon mesh fencing are now being made into attractive pool safety fence systems that blend easily into most environments. Rather than diminishing the overall effect, these new designs complement the varying landscaping and architectural needs of both classic and modern homes.

One company, Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. of Van Nuys, Calfornia ( http://www.guardianpoolfence.com ) provides solutions in a variety of colors, including black, brown, green, silver, gray, or beige.

“While pool safety is our main concern, we also wanted to be able to offer a system that was aesthetically pleasing and would integrate well into any environment,” says Steve Sadinsky, President of the company. “There is no need to sacrifice visual harmony in order to make a pool safe, so we made every effort to design a fence system that could do so effectively.”

This new breed of pool fences provides an effective safety barrier around the pool without marring the view, by means of a transparent, interlocking mesh fabric. The fence components, including reinforced marine-grade aluminum poles, and patented self-closing gates, are available in many popular designer colors to fit in with the surrounding landscape and architectural elements. ( http://bit.ly/PoolFenceGallery )

Through their design efforts, Guardian Pool Fence Systems has developed and patented an elegant, sophisticated pool safety fence system that integrates beautifully into the pool environment so that attention remains on the pool and surrounding landscape rather than being drawn to the fence itself.

In some instances, iron and steel fencing, even wood or reinforced plastics, can be provided by other companies. Most often, these solutions are intended to meet specific design or installation challenges, and can be custom-designed and built on site.

However, the pool fence systems provided by Guardian since 1992 offer the benefit of mass-production paired with customization (also known as “mass-customization”), producing a very highly-integrated, custom-fit solution. The end result – a substantial aesthetic addition to the final pool, pond or spa installation, at a considerable savings over other fence systems that are “scratch-built”.

The demand continues to grow for pool safety products that reduce the risk of drowning and control pool access, causing a significant spike in the need for qualified installers nation-wide. Guardian has sought to address this need by providing a dealer support and training program. Interested parties can find more information on on the company’s web site under “Dealer Opportunities” ( http://bit.ly/DealerOpportunities ).

About Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc.
Van Nuys, California-based Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has been the leader in pool fence design and manufacturing since 1992. The company supports a nationwide dealer and installer network specifically trained to implement the safety guidelines necessary for safe installations. Guardian Pool Fence can be reached at (800) 366 – SAFE (7233) by e-mail at info@guardianpoolfence.com or by visiting their web site at http://www.guardianpoolfence.com

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