Instant Hair Thickening Fibers for Thinning Hair a Natural Solution to Minor Hair Loss

Instant Hair Thickening Fibers are one of the easiest, non-medical solutions for dealing cosmetically with thinning hair, and minor hair loss.

Previously, the only solutions to cosmetically handling thin hair were messy sprays, lotions, and powders. With the introduction of natural keratin protein fibers that simply adhere to existing hair, it’s now possible to attend functions and public events with a fuller-looking head of hair.

Dr. Robert Jones of Toronto, Canada, has been working on the ideal formula for Instant Hair and has made another step forward in the technology. The new formula applies more evenly and provides a more natural effect.

The transformation looks so real that the product fibers are virtually undetectable to the human eye. Users report the product makes them feel younger, revitalized and more self-confident.

Dr. Robert Jones, world-renowned hair transplant doctor, and member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) states, “For those men and women who want that little extra edge in self-confidence for social situations, Instant Hair fibers can help provide that. We’ve also found that post-surgery hair transplant patients can use the product during the growth phase to give them a fuller-looking head of hair right away.”

Instant Hair is easily applied by shaking the container of colour-matched hair fibers over your thinning area. The product is made from keratin protein fibers that are charged with static electricity, to stay in place on the head even in strong winds and hard rain.

A video demonstrating the Instant Hair product can be seen at

“Before, I was embarrassed and would wear head scarves, now I receive compliments…. and no head scarves. Thank you Dr. Jones, for listening to me and helping me out.” – Lisa from Waterloo, ON

“Our customers are our leading evangelists,” says Dr. Jones. “I receive calls every day from retailers around the world who want to carry the Instant Hair in their stores and on their e-commerce platforms. We have been thrilled by the response we have received. Instant Hair will soon be available in salons across North America.”

Instant Hair natural hair fiber is available at All customers who purchase two bottles of Instant Hair will receive two units free, and also receive free shipping.

About Dr. Robert Jones M.D., Toronto Hair Transplant Center:
Dr. Jones is a physician dedicated to full time hair transplantation, providing state-of-the-art hair transplants at his Toronto Hair Transplant Center. He is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS), is a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair restoration (ABHRS), and is featured on many hair transplant networks, websites and the television series Skin Deep.

All transplants done at the transplant center are performed by Dr. Jones himself and he is intimately involved with each patient’s transplant from the consultation right through to the post-op care. This differs from many hair restoration centers and this difference results in a better transplant at a more reasonable cost. For more information, call 1-877-789-4247, email or visit

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