N-664 Linear Nanopositioning Stage: Low Profile, 30mm Travel, Sub-Nanometer Resolution

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. – a leading manufacturer of precision motion control systems — has released a new high-precision linear translation table.

PI’s new N-664, single-axis linear nanopositioner delivers sub-nanometer resolution and better than 1 nm in-position stability due to its self-clamping, ceramic linear-motor.

Instead of the usual stepper or servo-motor, this new linear positioning stage features a patented PiezoWalk® linear drive, which provides a number of advantages such as lower heat generation and higher positional stiffness.
The direct-drive linear stage is equipped with a proprietary, highly accurate linear scale that delivers 0.5 nanometer resolution.

Software Support, Optimized Motion Controller
The closed-loop positioning stage is operated by a proprietary controller that eliminates hysteresis and backlash for nanometer-scale motion with high accuracy and repeatability. The controller takes full advantage of the specific motion characteristics of the PiezoWalk® drive enabling an additional high dynamics analog range of 5 µm. USB interfacing and a solid software and driver package (LabView, Matlab, etc) for seamless integration are included.
Despite the very low profile of only 0.8” (20 mm) and compact dimensions, the stage offers a standard travel range of 30 mm (1.2”) and can be scaled up for longer travels, if needed.

PI’s PiezoWalk® positioners are of great value for semiconductor alignment and positioning applications as well as for the manufacture of fiber-optic gratings and for ultra-high resolution microscopy applications. The PiezoWalk® principle was awarded with SEMI’s Technology Innovation Showcase (TIS) prize for innovative design in 2005 and has since enabled a number of manufacturers in related industries to develop break-through equipment and tools.

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Features & Advantages
* Self Clamping Linear Motor for Higher Stability
* Low Profile of only 20 mm
* Long Travel range 30 mm
* 0.5 nm Linear Encoder
* Max. velocity 10 mm/sec

About Physik Instrumente:
In the course of the last four decades, PI has become the leading manufacturer of nanopositioning technology. In the 70s, as space exploration stimulated optics research, PI introduced piezo actuators which gave scientists the highest positioning precision then available. In the 80s, as the development of the microcomputer led to the first semiconductor boom and ongoing miniaturization of electronic structures, PI introduced nanopositioning systems tailor-made for the tasks involved. The fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Cold War and made the 90s the opening of a new era of boundless communications. For PI also, this meant the opening of new horizons with the founding of the PI Ceramic subsidiary in the former East Germany. The turn of the century brought global progress in photonics, nano- and biotechnology – all fields where “smaller” and “more precise” are keys to success. PI also offers the appropriate solutions for tasks in these areas with ever faster and more precise nanometer positioning, stabilization and automation. Visit http://www.pi-usa.us for more information.

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