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In a recent Book Publishing 2.0 event organized by world-renowned Michael Drew, Ron Porter presented “Bootstrap Business: A Step-by-Step Business Survival Guide”. This book has detailed instructions on how to successfully start your own business.

Salt Lake City, UT – November 22, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Ron E. Porter presented core concepts from ‘Bootstrap Business: A Step-by-Step Business Survival Guide’ at the Book Publishing 2.0 event organized by world-renowned Michael Drew. The business veteran was also on hand to answer questions one-on-one with audience members about the art of successfully turning a $5,000 start-up into a successful business.

The event drew a multitude of authors, speakers and publishers; all of whom gathered to hear presentations on the evolution of book publishing and its related business as we enter the age of authenticity.

Ron E. Porter, a Utah businessman is the co-author of ‘Bootstrap Business’ which he wrote in collaboration with Rich Christiansen. This invaluable guide outlines the most successful business strategies every would-be entrepreneur needs to know. The friendly, practical and easy to understand guide is filled with every day stories that allow readers to easily grasp each of the steps to creating a successful business. Both authors are committed to helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs succeed in this uncertain economy. Ron says,

“In the face of collapsing big business and the myth of ‘job security’, bootstrapping as a methodology provides a simple framework for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to take control of their futures. Now is the time for entrepreneurs to embrace creativity, resourcefulness and collaboration. ”

‘Bootstrap Business’ is more than just a book. It is a movement and a timely message for current and would-be entrepreneurs in a distressed economy. This invaluable guide teaches entrepreneurs:

1. How to Bootstrap a business starting with $5,000 and turn it into a successful business in just one year
2. How to avoid the big mistakes that kill most small businesses
3. How to secure your future financially while maintaining a balanced lifestyle

If you’d like more information about this event, or to schedule an interview with Rich Christiansen or Ron E. Porter, please call Ernestina Malheiro at 780-966-8462 or send an e-mail to

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