Kill Toenail Fungus Completely When Topical Treatments Prove Useless – Dr. Ricefield Offers Hope!

Contrary to popular belief, toenail fungus can be killed completely, but over-the-counter topical treatments generally aren’t effective. Your Next Step New Nail Laser Centers in Philadelphia introduce a breakthrough solution for treating toenail fungus.

“Toenail fungus is ugly and embarrassing, and at-home topical treatments just don’t work,” says Dr. Eric Ricefield, Board Certified podiatrist at Your Next Step New Nail Laser Centers. “This new laser treatment is proven to kill toenail fungus completely, so patients can have healthy looking feet again.”

People often try topical over-the-counter treatments like polishes, oils, or creams, to get rid of toenail fungus, but they are being deceived by the pretty bottles and promises. Topical treatments can be used for months or even years, and don’t kill all of the fungus, giving it the perfect environment to grow back.

The foot laser technology used at New Nail Laser Centers in Philadelphia kills toenail fungus completely by shining a laser light beam through the toenail and vaporizing the pathogens embedded in the nail bed that are causing the fungus. Once treated, the fungus can no longer grow and continue to infect the nail bed.

A short video comparing this innovative laser toenail fungus removal process to Lamisil can be seen on YouTube at

“It has been less than a year since my laser surgery and the results are incredible; my nails went from ridged, yellow and cracked to smooth, clear and shiny,” says Deardra M., patient at New Nail Laser Centers. “Over the years I had tried many things to rid myself of ugly toenail fungus – home remedies like applying vodka and Vicks vapor rub to my nails, many over the counter remedies and finally was twice prescribed with oral Lamisil. Nothing worked! Your laser procedure was my last attempt and a true success!”

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