Publicity PR System Launches to Help Small Business with Online Marketing Promotion

Two online PR and publicity experts have joined forces and launched the PR Publicity Guide to teach small businesses how to capture more traffic and more customers. “While tens of thousands of press releases are written and submitted daily, most miss the target,” says Harald Anderson, co-developer of the course. “The purpose and objective of our course is to help small business owners learn how to quickly write press releases so that they capture more attention and more traffic.”

Anderson explains, “If you look at the online landscape today, customers are driving the conversation. Merchants who ignore this basic reality do so at great risk.”

“Most press releases are written to glorify the company. Because of this, the word PR has negative connotations to most consumers,” Anderson continues. “The public is very aware of spin doctors who manipulate perception and perpetuate what they consider to be enlightened despotism. PR by many is akin to propaganda, image building, market manipulation and damage control.”

The new “social media” have actually evolved from the goals set forth by the press release industry. Those original aims are described as:

1. Connecting with the audience
2. Building value
3. Drawing more attention

Anderson says, “In our offices we have the Facebook Mission Statement pasted on every computer monitor:”

Give People The Power To Share And Make The World More Open And Connected.

“Why? While this is Facebook’s goal, it is ideally the goal of all media that you produce.” Anderson points out, “We have done this to make people realize that what gets shared gets shopped. Today, more than ever, eCommerce is quickly becoming Everywhere Commerce. And this is why our ‘PR Publicity System’ was created.”

While traditionally reserved for company news, corporate announcements, and other public communications, press releases are now the main tool for creating traffic and publicity, as well as informing the media and the public about exciting, important news.

But the problem today, according to Anderson, is that online PR has become all but synonymous with spam. To elaborate, most online press releases are irrelevant, poorly-written, unsolicited, mass-distributed commercial advertising that offers little to no value to the reader.

SuperSimplePR has set out to change that. And customers are enthusiastic about the successes they have had with the “PR Publicity System” which is available exclusively at

“Purchased your course and love your teaching style. The videos really make this very easy to do and follow.” – Mary V. Austen, Millburn, NJ

“I was tasked by my boss to write and distribute some press releases for our company, which I found to be very intimidating. I followed your simple advice and guidelines and was amazed when I saw our press release on the first page of Google. Thank You.” – Mark Specht, Los Angeles, CA

“I started my online business several years ago and it has been very frustrating getting traffic and interested visitors to come to my website. Your system really showed me very quickly what I was doing wrong. I wish I would’ve found you several years ago. Love your material. Highly recommended.” – Jim Allen, Tampa, FL

Successful companies are the ones which have mastered the fine art of self promotion. Now, more than ever before, business leaders need to understand that the Internet fragments and broadcasts a company’s message via text, graphic media, audio, and video. The opportunities are nearly infinite, but for those who are new to the party, getting overwhelmed is very easy.

For a quick video overview of the “PR Publicity System”, visit

Anderson adds, “The most important question an entrepreneur should be asking is, ‘One month from today, where do I want to be with my business?’ And that’s where our PR Publicity System can make all the difference.”

Most business owners know the power of publicity, but many have not learned how to create it when they need it. The “PR Publicity System” system shows entrepreneurs exactly how, by:

1. Boosting website exposure
2. Increasing website traffic
3. Building brand credibility
4. Creating publicity whenever it’s needed

It’s now much easier to accomplish those four goals, just by using the SuperSimplePR system, and following the step-by-step process taught in the online course.

To learn more, visit to sign up for their free newsletter. The “PR Publicity System” course is only $97.00, and includes written course materials, more than a dozen training videos, podcasts, case studies, 30 days of the PressReleaseNation premium press release submission service, and more.

About SuperSimplePR:
SuperSimplePR was launched in early 2012 by Harald Anderson and Mark Alan Effinger, to help busy business leaders learn how to write online press releases quickly, easily, and painlessly. In the process of running the online press release distribution site, Anderson and Effinger discovered that quite a few of the press releases being submitted were simply not going to get the job done. To help resolve this problem for their clients, they created SuperSimplePR as a way to teach anyone how to create online buzz for their company, or their clients, by following an easy-to-learn system. For more information, visit or e-mail

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