How To Write a Press Release – System Launched To Help Entrepreneurs Corner Online Publicity

Harald Anderson of online press release company PressReleaseNation has announced the launch of an online “How To Write a Press Release” course. Even though thousands of press releases are distributed daily, most don’t achieve the desired result – they don’t communicate their message clearly. Anderson says this new online course will rapidly become recognized as the “go to” system to teach entrepreneurs how to corner online publicity and traffic, by creating high-quality press releases that get noticed.

“I’ve been online for over thirteen years, and in that time I’ve been asked thousands of times to create a simple online course and system that teaches entrepreneurs how to write, publish and distribute press releases,” says Anderson. “Business owners want to know how to drive traffic to their websites easily and quickly, and our course teaches them how. The initial feedback and response has been incredible.”

Traditionally reserved for a company’s news, corporate announcements, and other public communications, the press release is now the favorite tool for creating publicity and traffic, in addition to informing the media and the public about important, exciting news.

However, things have changed. The problem today, according to Anderson, is that online PR has become all but synonymous with spam. In other words, most online PR is poorly-written, irrelevant, unsolicited, mass-distributed commercial advertising that offers little to no value to the recipient.

“If you look at the online landscape today,” Anderson explains, “you have social networks which are very much serving the exact same function which PR was designed to fulfill; that being to offer value to the end user concisely and effectively. People don’t want to receive communication distributed by PR companies any more, because it offers no value. Our course teaches people and companies how to be authentic so that their communication is genuine and real.”

The SuperSimplePR “How To Write a Press Release” course consists of audio, video and text-based training materials, accompanied by case studies which illustrate the concepts being taught.

Customers are raving about the successes they have had with the “How To Write a Press Release” System which is available exclusively at :

“Purchased your course and love your teaching style. The videos really make this very easy to do and follow.” – Mary V. Austen, Millburn, NJ

“I was tasked by my boss to write and distribute some press releases for our company, which I found to be very intimidating. I followed your simple advice and guidelines and was amazed when I saw our press release on the first page of Google. Thank You.” – Mark Specht, Los Angeles, CA

“The guys behind have been helping me get my clients in the media for since 2003.” – Jim Allen, Tampa, Florida

A short video overview of the “How To Write A Press Release‟ online course can be found at

Successful companies are enterprises which have mastered the art of self promotion. Today more than ever, individuals need to understand that the web fragments and disseminates a company’s message via text, audio, video and graphic media. The opportunities are endless, but for the uninitiated it is very easy to become overwhelmed.

Anderson notes, “The most important question an entrepreneur should be asking is, ‘One month from today, where do I want to be with my business?’ And that’s where SuperSimplePR helps make all the difference.”

Most entrepreneurs are aware of the power of publicity but they have never learned how to create it. The SuperSimplePR “How To Write A Press Release‟ system is designed to do four things:

1. Boost website exposure
2. Increase website traffic
3. Build brand credibility
4. Create publicity whenever it’s needed

Using the SuperSimplePR system, it’s easy to accomplish those four goals, simply by following the step-by-step process taught by the online course.

To learn more, visit and sign up for the free newsletter. The “How To Write a Press Release” course is only $97.00, and includes more than a dozen training videos, written course materials, case studies, podcasts, 30 days of the PressReleaseNation premium press release submission service, and more.

About SuperSimplePR:
SuperSimplePR was launched in early 2012 by Harald Anderson and Mark Alan Effinger, to help busy business people learn how to write online press releases quickly, easily, and painlessly. As a side-effect of running the online press release distribution site, Anderson and Effinger noted that quite a lot of the press releases being submitted were just not going to get the job done. With this in mind, they created SuperSimplePR as a way to help anyone learn how to create online buzz for their company, or clients, by following an easy-to-learn system. For more information, visit or e-mail

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