ComtekUSA Introduces Power-Free and Fan-Less Laptop Cooling Stand for Laptop Protection

Regular laptop cooling stands often consume more battery power and fail to protect the laptop from the excessive heat generated by the laptop components. Comtek USA has introduced a new laptop stand,the Cool Stand that does not require power or a fan for cooling.

This unique laptop peripheral has been designed to improve the laptop airflow to keep it cool, increasing the usability and longevity of the laptop. The improved airflow preserves the laptop components and helps them remain in good condition. This laptop cooling stand is unlike any cooling stand seen before – there are no 4 legged tables to support the laptop and there is no necessity to plug in a wire – it is a simple yet strong detachable laptop stand to support the laptop/notebook no matter where the user takes it. It is ergonomically designed and comes with a built-in cord threader that keeps chords out of the way; thereby preventing accidental tripping that can even destroy the motherboard.

This laptop cooling stand can be easily attached with the laptop within seconds, and once attached; there is no fear of the laptop or notebook falling off the stand. It is a compact laptop stand – 11 inches long and weighing just 7 oz it stores easily into most computer bags. The cooling stand lifts the laptop at an appropriate height to make typing easy.

The Comtek laptop cooling stand is available in all of your team, company and school colors with 256 color combinations. It can be used by anyone as they are made with harmful chemical-free materials.

Moreover, the laptop stand comes with an in-built cord threader in order to prevent people from accidentally tripping over or accidentally pulling the cord which can destroy the motherboard.

Buyers can experiment with the cool stand color through the interactive custom color selection format made available at

About the Company – Comtek USA:
Comtek USA was founded by Gary Jenks and is located in Kalispell, state of Montana. The laptop cooling stand is the first product offered by Comtek USA.

Gary Jenks
Comtek USA
P.O. Box 1804
Kalispell, MT 59901
(406) 314-2352

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