Honoring the Dream: Davidson College and Global Ascension Productions Align to Build Inclusive Communities over the MLK Weekend

Global Ascension Production’s Jamie Utt and Davidson College honor Dr. King’s dream by strengthening the Residence Life staff’s ability to celebrate diversity and influence inclusive communities.

“Davidson has a track record for being one of North America’s most forward-thinking universities, especially when dealing with issues related to diversity and inclusion,” says Jamie Utt, Director of Education and Diversity for Global Ascension Productions- a Speaker Development and Publishing company. “Our collaboration is not only about honoring Dr. King’s legacy for a weekend, but about equipping these young leaders with the tools and philosophies necessary to honor him throughout their lifetime by shaping their own behaviors to create a more just and inclusive society”.

Global Ascension Productions has been on the forefront of teaching leaders how powerful and influential their voice can be. Participants exposed to Jamie’s curriculum become fully aware of their influence and how their focused mind coupled with a servant heart can elevate societies collective brilliance, as demonstrated by Dr. King.

“Jamie is an incredible talent and has the ability to connect the institutional with the personal to ensure that his curriculum supports the participants endeavors for a lifetime” noted Frank Velasquez Jr., Owner of REV Sports Rehab and Athletic Development and 10 year Major League Baseball strength and conditioning coordinator, Pittsburgh, PA. “I am thankful to have Jamie as a resource; his work is critical to establishing a culture of inclusion”.

Davidson College invests a lot of resources into creating a comfortable and inclusive environment for all of their students and faculty members. They are successfully building a culture on their campus that maintains that the residence halls are not merely a place to sleep and study but a place to live and learn. This MLK Holiday weekend provides the Davidson community an opportunity to publicly honor one of the greatest activists for justice our country has ever seen; however, when you visit their campus, you can feel that they honor his legacy year round.

Creating innovative education has always been Jamie Utt’s calling, and as a former teacher himself, he knows first hand that education is truly the key civil rights issue of the 21st century. He spent years teaching social studies on Chicago’s west side, helping empower young people to unleash their brilliance on the world that often overlooks them. Jamie teaches that this nation’s knowledge-based economy demands that we provide young people from all backgrounds and circumstances with the education and skills necessary to become groundbreaking advocates for change. If we fail to help all young people to discover, develop and deliver their brilliance to the world, the United States runs the risk of creating an even larger gap between the rich and the poor, which in turn threatens every effort toward justice in this country.

Learn more about Jamie Utt at http://www.JamieUtt.com

About Global Ascension Productions; http://www.globalascensionproductions.com

Global Ascension Productions was founded by a group of professionals who have been in or around the professional speaking industry for years and have experienced it all. Globalization has influenced all aspects of society, especially how we interact with one another. We embrace different perspectives and philosophies because we understand that we were all put here on this earth for one another. Our purpose is to attract, serve, and collaborate with leaders who serve others and whose primary foundation is connecting rather than just communicating, we are Leaders Unleashing Leaders.

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